Passive Aggressive Grandma Knows What's Up With Her Hose

funny parenting tweet grandma lease passive aggressive note to kids cutting her hose for bongs
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Her New Bike isn't the Only Thing Blazin'

funny parenting image daughter takes picture of new bike next to 420 graffiti
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How to Parent-Proof Your Facebook

drugs facebook marijuana mom parenting parents weed - 6157786880

This is Your Face on Drugs

funny win image guy faceswaps with weed
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Well She Can't Celebrate at 4:20, The Kids Will Be Out Already

funny parenting tweet mom gets busted for smoking back to school blunt in car
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spiders weed Video win - 82446337

The Itsy Bitsy Spider Just Caught the Best Kind of Roach

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busted daycare FAIL weed Video - 82413313

A Daycare Got Busted For Growing a Sh*t Ton of Weed, But The Kids Must Have Had the Chillest Times Right?

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Graduation Was So Lit

high school weed graduation - 8820410880
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Spark One Up

twitter weed - 8806399744
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graduation parenting dad pranks weed - 80654081

Son Decides to Prank His Dad Into Thinking He's Been Busted With Weed a Day Before Graduation

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High Class

twitter weed - 8798674176
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Send Help

twitter stoned high failbook weed - 8798196224
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FAILS news stoners high school weed - 79685889

Being on the News is Tricky When You're High AF

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FAIL smoking weed college police - 79659777

One Cop Against a Parachute of Stoners

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dads parenting weed - 79608577

Dads Drop Life Advice After Getting Completely REKT Taking Dabs

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Wiz Khalifa Chose the Perfect Day to Drop His New Weedmojis

twitter win Wiz Khalifa releases new weed emojis for 420
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