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20 People Share Extremely Trashy Wedding Stories

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20 Ridiculous Confessions From Brides FAILed to Follow Through With Their Weddings

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17 Totally Bananas Pics From Russia

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35 Awful Stories From The Most Disastrous Weddings Ever

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Insane Wedding FAILs That Are Hilariously Awful

25 Insane Wedding FAILs That Are Hilariously Awful

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Puts a Dark Twist on Sitting at the 'Children's Table'

funny fail wedding invitation accidentally let's you choose children as dinner option
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marriage cell phone weddings dating - 81154305

This Dude Loves His Phone So Much That He Actually Married It

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Bragging Rights

bride marriage weddings - 8813104128
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Mike Evans' Harry Potter Groom's Cake Makes Him Your New Favorite NFL Player

harry potter grooms cake mike evans buccaneers
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pictures romance proposal weddings Video image - 154887

Newly Engaged Couple Uses the Power of the Internet to Locate a Bystander's Picture of Their Romantic Proposal

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scifi star wars weddings Video win - 76101121

Wedding Photos Don't Get Much Cooler Than This Shopped Hoth Scene

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marriage weddings Video - 60023297

This Couple Had Their Priest Sing at Their Wedding, But They Weren't Expecting Him to Belt Out Such an Awesome Cover of 'Hallelujah'

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We Finally Has it!

marriage gollum ring weddings funny g rated dating - 7544915968
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Why Would You Want This?

marriage gay weddings funny g rated dating - 8454073088
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Photo of the Day: Heart-Shaped Cloud Appears Above Wedding

clouds marriage Perfect Timing Photo weddings - 8362121216
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Your Little Girl is All Grown Up

moms daughters parenting weddings - 8018643968
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