AITA for kicking a server out of my wedding? | "The server(19-ish f) had on clearly too much eyeliner. she also had diamond studs in her ears a flashy ring, and one of those ugly nose studs. The staff's uniform was a black long-sleeved shirt but on her, it was too low cut and her pants were far too tight."

Bridezilla Kicks Server Out of Her Wedding For Outshining Her

No one's going to fault you for being a little on edge on your wedding day… but nothing is an excuse to be rude to wait staff; this bride's apparent insecurities led her to act in a way that jumps clear over the line of acceptable behavior. This thread was posted to Reddit's r/AITA (Am I the A**hole) subreddit by the bride, Reddit user u/Present-Ad-3934, who shared her story to the popular sub in order to see whether or not she was in the wrong for how she reacted towards the server at her wedd…
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Angry Wedding Guest Sparks Debate in the Comments, Ending Friendships With People Who Throw Expensive Destination Weddings

$8000 is a lot of money for a vacation I didn't plan for
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Father-in-Law Forced to Intervene When Bride's Family Attempts to Hijack Her Wedding, Tells Them to "F-Off"

They tried to give all of her wedding plans to her sister.
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Bad Brother Reprimands Sister For Breastfeeding at His Wedding, Internet Roasts Him Alive

A brother reprimanded his sister for breastfeeding her newborn at his wedding, an action that has drawn the ire of his mother and new bride. This story was posted to Reddit's r/AITA (Am I the A-Hole) subreddit by the brother, Reddit user u/Swimming-Exchange448. He posted the thread to see if he was in the wrong for “calling out” his sister during his wedding for breastfeeding without removing herself from the room. He was admonished by his new wife and mother for his actions. Redditors generall…
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30+ Stories About Marriages That Were Doomed From the Wedding

These unions were doomed from the start.
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People Share Times They Attended A Ruined Wedding

There's a spectrum.
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Bride's father rips her dress during wedding ceremony - People share stories about the worst things they've ever witnessed at weddings

35 Horrendous Stories About the Worst Things People Ever Witnessed at Weddings

You're going to want to read every one of these.
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Bride Loses it When Sister Brings Her "Child" to Bride's Childfree Wedding, That Child is 19 Years Old

Since when is 19 years old a child?
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15 cringey wedding related fail images | thumbnail "lthough horrific, I'm out of emotions to do anything but laugh at this point. My fiance and I just found out yesterday that my future mother-in-law has made arrangements to have her vows renewed at our destination wedding. On the same day. Two hours prior to our ceremony. At the same location. Because... wait for it... she wants the day to be special for her also. "

A Bushel Of Ridiculously Cringey Wedding Related Fails

Holla we want pre nup
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Goofs and Gaffes That Were Caught on Camera That You Wouldn't Want to Happen At Your Wedding

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Insane Parents Tell Guy He Can’t Get Married on His Cheating-Loser Brother’s “Divorce Anniversary”

What a coddled infant of a man.
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Sister Accused of Upstaging the Bride When She Achieves Massive Weight-loss Before Sister’s Wedding

With sisters like these who needs enemies?
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32 cringeworthy wedding photos | thumbnail left wedding cake falling, thumbnail right wedding crew falling into water

30 Cringeworthy Wedding Fails Caught On Camera

The most special day of a lifetime, right?
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10 reddit text based images | thumbnail reddit text "My fiancé was attacked by a golden retriever when he was 11. While it wasn't physically severe, it did affect him mentally and he had to go to therapy to be comfortable around dogs. He is now fine around all dogs but golden retrievers. Because of this, my sister always visits us without her dog. She's usually fine to go out if she is with our mum and doesn't want to bring the dog, this is what my sister says not me assuming."

Woman Chastised For Not Inviting Dog To Wedding, Family Threatens Not To Come

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A choosy beggar attempts to severely lowball a wedding caterer, and fails miserably.

Choosy Beggar Tries To Severely Lowball Wedding Caterer

Enough with all of that cheap talk.
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27 Wonderfully Silly, Strange, and Awkward Russian Wedding Photos

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