Star Was Tumblr thread on Jedi vs regular guns | systlin Another tidbit Mando lore; Mandalorians quickly figured out Jedi mostly view blaster fire as "fun lightsaber practice During Mando-Jedi wars, they dealt with this characteristically practical fashion; they used slugthrowers (aka ordinary firearms) instead, because if Jedi tries deflect regular bullet happens is bunch bullet shrapnel Jedi's face."

Quick Tumblr Thread: Jedi Vs Conventional Guns

Mandolorians were all like "deflect this."
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Police roasted on facebook for confiscating a prop sword.

British Police Dragged On Facebook for Idiotic Sword Bust

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Wrong Number Text Exchange Escalates Into Dudes Showing Off Their Guns And Knives

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weapons stupid - 84891137

Check Out the Five Stupidest Weapons Ever Built

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epic Battle star wars movies weapons tron - 81859841

This Epic Battle Draws Props from Tron: Legacy, the Force Awakens, Men in Black, Evil Dead, and More

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There's Nothing Quite as Deadly as a Baby's Finernails

The deadliest weapon is a babys fingernails
Via idolol
drones win invention Video weapons - 75042049

With This Drone-Neutralizing Gun, How Long Until Drone Hunting Season Opens?

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All War Really Is...

chess dual use military war weapons - 4860527104
Created by pedretta ( Via )
science funny weapons Video animals - 68388097

Lets Talk About Animal Weapons

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funny science Music weapons - 59583745

Can Music Be a Weapon?

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slow motion weapons Video - 58653185

High-Powered Weaponry in Super Slow-Mo is a Thing to Behold

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Once You Pop, You Can Also Shoot People

pringles funny weapons - 7603964416
Created by Nihtgenga

Down Scope!

military funny weapons - 7545953536
Created by D1MIEN ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Hidden Home Defense Devices

furniture weapons - 7323370240
Created by Unknown

If I Can't Have One, No One Can

weapons - 7121725440
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The Pen is Mightier

weapons writing - 6630643968
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