'Be a team player': Boss calls employee replaceable and demands they come in on their day off, backpedals when they quit

The illusion of power is absolutely real.
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Effective Immediately: All staff must leave their cell phones on and make themselves available when not on shift

Viral thread, 'Consider yourself on call': Employer demands employees leave their personal phones on and be contactable at all hours to come into work

The best part of the working day is when you sign off and go home; I don't care how much you love your job… there are no exceptions here. Once you've put in your 8, or 9, (or even 10) hours, you're finally free to return to your humble abode, decompress… and start doing personal chores and obligations. Thanks to the modern workday, there's very little time to get all the things done that you'd like to at home; I'm sure each of us has several projects that we've been putting off due to constrain…
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mechanics are very confused when they find sour patch kids in car's air filter, goes viral

'Mechanics who have never seen anything like this before': Woman baffles servicemen and goes viral for having Sour Patch Kids in her car's air filter

“Can someone explain how this happened? They said it looked intentional? But why??”
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The other day I saw someone refer to being a parent as a "lifestyle choice." And I dang near choked on my coffee. A lifestyle choice is being vegetarian. Or adopting a lot of cats.

'PARENTING IS NOT A LIFESTYLE': LinkedIn user insists parenting isn't a lifestyle choice in viral post, argues harshly with anyone who disagrees

I dang near choked on my coffee when I saw this… This LinkedIn user staked everything on her argument that parenting is not a “lifestyle choice”, ravenously defending her claim and position against anyone who dared present other opinions or perspectives. It's probably most pertinent that we approach this logically: What is a “lifestyle”? Other than being a completely overused marketing buzzword, a lifestyle is literally just “The way in which a person lives,” so arguing that a lifestyle choice…
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management antiwork fired toxic-workplace workplace Horrible Bosses viral - 1813511

'Don't bother ur fired': Employee fired over text for not showing up for a shift they weren't even scheduled for in this viral thread

Is being a psychic medium going to be the next ridiculous requirement for an entry-level role?
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hoa neighbors neighborhood terrible neighbors viral toxic-neighbors neighbor terrible-neighbor - 1782279

'You must within 2 days minimum': Insane neighbor demands woman remove fake plants from her porch in bizarre viral letter

Come again?
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My bf started a new job, sent me this, and turned off his phone

'This means completely turned off': Employer's autocratic cellphone policy goes viral

Just another employer who thinks they own their workers because they pay them the smallest amount that they're legally able…
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antiwork work tech news workplace viral work reform Tech social issues engineer - 18219525

'You're stealing...': Tech CEO fires two engineers caught working two full-time jobs

A tech CEO reported firing two engineers who were caught working a second full-time job in this LinkedIn post that went viral. This topic has been trending across the wider web this week as there have been multiple reports from businesses that claim to be firing employees who are working multiple full-time jobs. Notable stories have emerged from the software company mentioned in this thread and from a multinational credit reporting agency that claims to have caught and fired 24 workers who were…
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Tech CEO fires two engineers who were caught working two jobs in this viral post

'You're stealing...': Tech CEO fires two engineers who were caught working two jobs in this viral post

A tech CEO reported firing two engineers who were caught working a second full-time job in this LinkedIn post that went viral.
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I can't work out if this is a joke? I just want to clear something up ahead of the quarterly launch retro on Monday. I understand you're entitled to your lunch break and that's not the issue here.

'Show a little more dedication': Bewildering viral email asks workers to eat their lunch at their desk in case CEO drops by unannounced

Nothing says dedication to your job like timidly eating lunch at your desk, nervously checking the door every few minutes to see if today is the day your overlords have decided to grace you with their presence. Let's be real here—it sounds like this manager is a little bit out of their depth. They're the kind of person who only ended up in a position of authority because they knew precisely which (two) cheek(s) to kiss—knowledge they applied regularly and with vigor. This email is a testament t…
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Walked out of an interview | I walked out of an interview for the first time today, I had a shadowing interview today for a job that pays $2/hr more than I make right now. Seems like a great place except I wasn’t getting paid for the 2 hours of shadowing and they told me I wasn’t allowed to have water while I worked

'I wasn't allowed to have water': Employee walks out of working interview because of employer's bizarre rules

I bet this employer can't wait for the android revolution that we've been promised. After all, an android wouldn't need to spend two minutes on the bathroom break that results from being properly hydrated.
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cultural French-Exit irish English-Exit colloquialisms Ireland lol viral linguistics american Irish-Goodbye funny - 17941765

Irish People On TikTok Are Just Discovering the American Term "Irish Goodbye" and Are Very Confused

It also turns out Americans aren't the only ones who've deemed the term ‘leaving without saying goodbye’ by the name of another country…
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Several years ago I quit without a full two week notice and the company sent me this invoice a few weeks later..

'The company sent me this invoice...': Employee receives invoice from employer after quitting without giving two weeks' notice

There have been a lot of stories floating around the wider web about people quitting terrible employers without giving notice. As you might imagine, it is taken with varying degrees of reception, with reactions ranging from calm to off-the-wall. When you're trying to run a business, it's never easy to fill in gaps on short notice, not ever helped by the fact that owners/executives generally require their companies to be run on as few staff as possible to save labor costs. There's certainly a hi…
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dating viral videos Reddit relationships viral tifu reddit thread viral tiktok viral-thread - 17848325

'I don’t understand why it has taken her two years to tell me': Guy's viral romance failure sparks online trend

This viral post has spread like wildfire accross the internet this past weekend, jumping across from Reddit to TikTok where the song from the original thread is now trending. The entire thing started when Reddit user u/TylerLife shared a thread to Reddit's TIFU subreddit titled “TIFU / My (20F) girlfriend of two years told me the music that I (25M) play during sex is weird and a major turn-off.” The thread went viral, gathering 120k views within
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employee boss Horrible Bosses manager workplace viral managers antiwork Reddit reddit thread - 17720581

'Attention! We DO NOT get our tips!': Worker exposes thieving boss by posting forbidden sign in their workplace in viral thread

A worker uploaded this viral image of a sign they posted at the coffee shop where they work. The sign instructs patrons not to leave tips as they will be stolen by the owner of the coffee shop. "I'm probably going to be fired for this… but I don't care," the employee claims in the title of their thread.
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Canada landlord justice ontario legal action CBC homeless housing-crash rent viral renting toxic-landlord unhoused Renters eviction evicted - 1618439

'I repeat, landlords are scum!': Woman strikes back after being lied to about the reasoning behind her eviction, sparking debate

“He definitely owes you money.”
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