Valentines day

An Honest Valentine

it's not going to suck itself valentine's card
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Siri is Already Hooking Up With Amazon's Alexa

siri Awkward relationships burn Valentines day - 8437479168
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The Tardigrade Cupid

an adorable tardigrade cupid
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Get Those Reservations Early

white castle is taking valentine's reservations
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Looks Like They're Ready for Valentine's Day

wal mart has chocolates and condoms for valentines day
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Who Could Resist

sexy man has bunk beds
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You Monster!

funny jerks Valentines day prank dating - 8305791488

How You Know You've got a Great Girlfriend

funny girlfriend video games Valentines day dating - 8274789120
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Yes, Yes it Is

beer funny love Valentines day - 8259855872
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first date Valentines day wtf - 61859585

Don't Get Drunk on Valentine's Day

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Feel Free to Send This to Someone You Care About

gifs cards sexy times Valentines day - 8139611904
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cute love funny Valentines day - 59528193

Some Adorable Snippets of Love

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Hooray for Metaphors!

cards astronaut math funny Valentines day - 8070213888
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However Bad Your Valentine's Day Was, it Wasn't THIS Bad

ouch friendzone Valentines day - 8070820864
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Romance, It's Like a Lion in Your Face

lion video games Valentines day - 8064485632
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How Was Everyone's Alentine's Ay?

I see what you did there THE D Valentines day - 8067714560
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