Valentines day

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Fictional Characters Need Love Too, You Know!

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Yep, That's Pretty Much How I Feel

valentine's day is a day for drinking
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That Thought Days Before Valentine's Day

I'd settle for a warm pillow, not just biological females
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8 Classy Valentine's Day Cocktails

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9 Lies to Get You Out of Your Crappy Valentine's Date

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The Valentine's Day Song for All You Singles Out There

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For Those Unwanted Valentine's Suitors

keep the creepers away with pepper spray
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How to Have The Best Valentine's Day Ever


The Vermont Teddy Bear Company is Selling a "50 Shades" Bear. We're Doomed as a Species.

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Nintendo Unveils Their Friend Zone Valentine's Day Cards

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The "Stuffed" is Usually Implied

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Love for the Modern Day

lying in bed and look at your phone is how you show true love
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The Day After Valentine's Is Approaching!

single people love the day after valentine's day
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An Intense Love

use kanye to express love this valentine's day
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Every Damn Year

fry forgot to get a girlfriend for valentine's day
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That's a Clever Way to Get Out of Buying Chocolates

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