company changes vacation policy, one crucial employee leaves and debilitates company

New Owners Get Rid of Vacation Policy, Crucial Employee Debilitates Company

Good on Jimmy.
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Guy is told by company that he has to use all his vacation or lose it, so he does and cripples the company | reddit post MaliciousCompliance Posted by -S--R-E-N- Vacation- use or lose Fine. MC coming right up. This is not mine, but my late dad's. He loved telling this story tried typing this story few times here last few months, but couldn't get through am daddy's girl and miss him terribly. He brilliant and wickedly clever sob and hope all enjoy. TLDR at bottom.

Company Forces Employee to Use All His Vacation Days, Incapacitates Company

Hey they told him he had to use them all at once.
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Stupid complaints that entitled tourists told to their travel agency | THESE ARE ACTUAL COMPLAINTS RECEIVED BY THOMAS COOK VACATIONS DISSATISFIED CUSTOMERS: 1 They should not allow topless sunbathing on beach very distracting my husband who just wanted relax 2 On my holiday Goa India disgusted find almost every restaurant served curry don't like spicy food 3 went on holiday Spain and had problem with taxi drivers as they were all Spanish

Dumb Complaints Entitled Tourists Had for Their Travel Agency

Yeah man, Spain has Spanish people.
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terrible boss causes employees to quit

Dude's Awful Boss Asks Him to Consider His Role, so He Does and Gets a Better Job

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reddit thread about guy's plan when told he has to work on vacation

IT Guy Comes up with Masterful Plan After Being Told He Has to Work on Vacation

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elevator drama FAIL tourists trapped family dumb stupid dramatic vacation - 97729025

Overreacting Tourists Break Elevator To Escape

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twitter relatable social media ridiculous funny vacation - 6359045

10 Hilariously Accurate Signs Your Vacation's Gone On Too Long

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twitter job summer work vacation - 6349829

10 People Share The Worst Summer Jobs They've Worked

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FAIL ridiculous funny zipline vacation - 418310

Guy's Zip Lining Vacation Fail Is An Emotional Rollercoaster

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13 People's Hottest Summer Vacation Fails

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wtf struggle cringe vacation - 5125893

20 Absolutely Terrible Vacations You'll Be Eternally Grateful You Weren't On

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Disastrous Vacations That You'll Be Glad You Didn't Go On

21 Disastrous Vacations That You'll Be Glad You Didn't Go On

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First Comes Chocolate Tourism, Later Comes Marriage

win image couple discover that they took identical vacation photos at wedding
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kids letter parenting facebook husband mom vacation - 901381

Mom Leaves Brutal Warning Letter for Husband Before Leaving Him Alone With the Six Kids for the Weekend

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marriage dating vacation - 896005

Newlywed Forced to Celebrate Honeymoon With a Piece of Paper After Wife Loses Passport

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Girl Spends a Day at Disney World for FREE Because Dad Saved Her Pass from 1994

disney dad family vacation - 8800143616
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