So Long, and Thanks for the Terrible Vacation

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Because No Other President Has Taken a Vacation, Ever

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A Sticky Romantic Situation

glue whoops bad idea vacation failbook g rated - 8466318080
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Anyone Would Be Honored to Accept This Award

monday thru friday vacation - 8280871424
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Apparently Disneyland is an Awful Place

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This is What it Looks Like to Ride the Water Slide On a Disney Cruise

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Vacation is All in the Mind

photography clever vacation g rated win - 8412106240
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Keeping Cool on Vacation

beer bewbs funny vacation - 8406118144
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First World Vacation Problems

First World Problems flying vacation white people - 8342831872
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A Country Far, Far Away

facepalm geography vacation - 8341752064

A Nice Relaxing Weekend Away... Crap.

vacation - 8330486272
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We Can't Take Mom and Dad ANYWHERE...

embarrassing kids family photo parenting vacation - 8327152384
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What Happens in Prague...

relationships cheating vacation - 8286523136
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Mr. Sulu, Set a Course!

accidental sexy THE D vacation - 8270638080
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It'll Be the Internet's Secret For Now

disney kids surprise parenting vacation g rated - 8229337088
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Daughter Requests a Day Off For Her Dad and Receives This Response

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