badly done and unsafe jobs | person sawing the tree trunk the ladder they're standing on is leaning against | cables going from the wall inside the floor

Highly Questionable and Unsafely Done Jobs

Sometimes instead of you getting it done, it gets you done.
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OSHA safety fails | person about to throw a bucket of water at burning electrical cables | person in a hazmat suit painting a wall in midair by standing on a plank supported by two other people stabilizing it

Unapproved Safety Failures that OSHA Wouldn't Like

"You'll be fine, just don't mess up."
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Safety fails and precarious situations that OSHA would fine you for.

Safety Fails and Precarious Situations that Would Make OSHA Scream

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stories about what people would do for money

23 Fearless People Share the Wildest Things They've Ever Done for Money

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safety failures

29 Safety Failures That Would Give OSHA Nightmares

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machines gym FAIL work out treadmill exercise sweat weights dumb unsafe funny - 6410245

34 Moments Caught at the Gym That Will Make You Not Want to Skip Leg Day

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Strap in Buddy, It's Going to be a Bumpy Ride

lawnmower stroller summer fun unsafe - 4114862848
By Matt Gudehus

Smoke Detector Fail.

busted copy cubicle fail dangerous decoration decoy FAIL fake fire alarm lazy osha paper signs photocopy print pwned safety safety first screw you Terrifying unsafe xerox - 3567532544
By sleepingtiger54

Contractor-Free Addition

add-on fort Kludge unsafe - 4007455744
By Unknown

I'll Just Sit By The A/C Vent Thanks...

fan no thanks screwdriver unsafe - 3413412864
By Unknown

And Now You Must Unravel a Series of Clues...

fire extinguishers unsafe funny - 7611120384
By manda

Nice Packing Job

packages unsafe - 7198101760
By Unknown

Needs Moar Ladder!

ladder safety first unsafe - 6616640000
By Unknown

Technically Accurate

bulletin board policy safety spelling unsafe - 5854924032
By Unknown

Musical Instrument FAIL

failboat g rated guns not for kids product name toys unsafe - 5195827712
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children classic failboat g rated motorcycle Parenting Fail unsafe - 4809285376
By Snake73