safety fails that violate OSHA rules

Misguided Safety Failures That OSHA Would Disapprove Of

Life is about risks, or something.
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OSHA unsafe safety fails

OSHA-Enraging Safety Fails To Avoid Doing

Seemed like a good idea at the time.
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wtf absurd cars driving driver lol truck unsafe safety - 16009989

The Wildest Junk People Saw Other Drivers Do While Driving

For some reason, a lot of people see driving as a secondary activity to eating a bowl of Chex or doing their hair. Here are some of the irresponsible and straight up absurd junk truckers and other drivers have spotted their fellow drivers doing behind the wheel. It's as if their windshield is just a tv screen to them or something. So watch out for these morons and other incompetent drivers who should be banned from the road.
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parkour scary wtf Terrifying kids osha building unsafe - 107576065

Kids Playing On High-Rise Rooftops Is A Big Yikes

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stupid and unsafe things guys did

Unsafe Maneuvers From Those Tempting Fate

Paging Mr. Darwin.
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safety fails

OSHA-Defying Moments Of Safety Failure

What a cool time saver.
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unsafe OSHA safety fails

Safety Fails That Would Have OSHA Foaming At The Mouth

Not a great idea.
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risky wtf falling tree fall cutting lol unsafe tree Video lucky - 107207937

Tree Cutter Straddles Himself To Safety

Almost like he meant to do it.
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absurd safety failures

Safety-Failures That Would Make OSHA Weep

Great work.
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safety failures from jobs and construction that OSHA would hate

Unsafe Maneuvers That Would Make OSHA Cringe

Wow, what a time saver.
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unsafe toys people remember

Unsafe Toys People Remember From The Olden Days

Times change.
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funny, stupid and cringeworthy construction | person standing on a ladder balanced on a crane | person sitting in an unsafe harness thing fixing a wall

Cringeworthy and Inadvisable Construction Maneuvers

Whose idea was that?
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wtf safety failures that OSHA wouldn't like | giant truck flipped on its back | person standing in a barrel hanging from a crane

Safety Failures That Would Have Osha Filling Its Pants

That doesn't go that way.
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Chef removes diffuser plate for wok cooking hack on gas range.

Chef's Stove Hack Turns Gas Range Into Flame Thrower

A cool, but probably bad idea for most of us.
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badly done and unsafe jobs | person sawing the tree trunk the ladder they're standing on is leaning against | cables going from the wall inside the floor

Highly Questionable and Unsafely Done Jobs

Sometimes instead of you getting it done, it gets you done.
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OSHA safety fails | person about to throw a bucket of water at burning electrical cables | person in a hazmat suit painting a wall in midair by standing on a plank supported by two other people stabilizing it

Unapproved Safety Failures that OSHA Wouldn't Like

"You'll be fine, just don't mess up."
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