20 Horrendously Spelled Tattoo Fails

20 Ugly and Horrendously Spelled Tattoo Fails

It's not like they last forever or anything!
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"Apparently we're all just yassified versions of our dads": Daughters Everywhere Are Reminding Us How Genetics Work in This Viral Trend

Genetic code just got lazy and did a copy/paste on their faces
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skillfully made creations of bad and weird taste

Impressive Creations of Absurd Taste

Totally normal, not weird things.
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fun pictures of opossums

Opossums That We Weirdly Identify With

What are they anyway?
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parents of ugly babies explaining their experience

Parents of Ugly Babies Share What That's Like

Call it humble beginnings, or something.
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Skillfully made but very weird creations | realistic human face made out of meat with olives for eyes | Chernobyl nuclear disaster snow globe

Skillful Creations of Questionable Taste

"No, it's good, but yikes."
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Koala gross sound video

Koala Sounds Just Awful

It's like a boat engine made out of pig parts.
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ugly, strange, weird and stupid design fails | woman in a green snakeskin outfit carrying a regular purse inside a clear plastic purse | curtains that are white at the top and yellow at the bottom that look like cigarettes

Stupid, Ridiculous and Weird Design

Not every look can be pulled off.
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Twitter thread of strange house | Middle-Aged Rust Belt Voter @frazierapproves Ijust discovered greatest house listing all time starts out very unassuming and modest. | Then see yard and think "wow s somewhat surprising" 9:02 AM 5/18/20 Twitter iPhone

Unique House Listing Is Weird and Kind of Awesome

Now that's a home.
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Stupid, bad and funny tattoo fails | If are stealing tattoo, don't copy nipple | tattoo of a wolf looking worried while howling in front of a full moon

Regrettable Tattoos as Memorable as they are Permanent

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Actors who get cast as ugly people.

Stories of Actors Who Got Cast to Play Non-Gorgeous People

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Supercut of TV host's ugly mugs.

Supercut of Local Host's Ugly Mugs

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A collection of images showing absolutely terrible haircuts.

Inexcusably Atrocious Haircuts (7 Images)

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A collection of people getting questionable haircuts.

22 Questionable Haircuts

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buying ugly ties to fight against the man

Guy Battles Stupid Work Tie Policy by Buying Ugliest Ties Possible

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beauty products, awful ideas, sad models, fail products

21 Awful Beauty Products and the Sad Models to Go with Them

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