Advertising Coup: The Honest Advert

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"What Type of Person Are You?"

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Dat's the Truth, Baby

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Granite Hands Presents the Crucifix

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What Kind of Terminator is This?

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Teddy Tude

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POW! That's Ugly!

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This Tattoo is Making Me Have Some Questions

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The Birds and the Bees

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Text - Partyy at my houuse saturday! Don't come if ur uglyyyy!) 31 minutes ago via BlackBerry Like Comment and 8 others like this. its not a good idea to have a party at your house if you won't be there about a minute ago Like Guess you're not going then ? about a minute ago Like Write a comment...
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A Face Only a Mother Could Love

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I Have Inner Beauty

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I'll Take the Beauty on the Left

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You've Done It. You Ruined Shoes.

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Well So Much For That

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We Need to Be More Shallow

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Via Cyanide and Happiness