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Wholesome fairy twitter thread | kelly victoria @saysthefox think everyone could use lighthearted/happy story right now so here goes: At beginning pandemic went through some painful personal stuff and would often go out at night long walks because no one around and couldn't sleep anyway. One night walking down my street and noticed someone had set up few little objects tree planter and upon closer inspection realized fairy garden with little note about 4 year old girl who felt lonely quarantine

Twitter Thread: Neighbor Creates Mind-Blowingly Wholesome Fairy Experience

That is bone-jarringly wholesome.
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Twitter Thread on ADHD symptom rejection sensitive dysphoria | paintedbees There are lot symptoms ADHD are just awful live with, but one takes cake by far is rejection sensitivity dysphoria. This fucker, THIS FUCKER will fly ona broom and shit all over good day ll take thing love and make loath | out enjoying an activity with friends, something been looking forward something excited and passionate about. And then--someone might say or do something innocuous like ok ok, calm down

Twitter User Explains Their Most Hated ADHD Symptom

Sounds like a day ruiner.
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Funny twitter thread about work shrimp thief | Zak Toscani @zaktoscani Replying zaktoscani Case facts: Lunch fridge less than an hour before vanished. No shrimp smell remnants microwave or kitchen area. This professional hit no doubt 8:24 PM Mar 29, 2018 50.1K Q 3,471 people are talking about this

Twitter Thread: The Cold-Blooded Office Shrimp Thief

Who knew office shrimp burglary could be so riveting.
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A Twitter thread on fonts actually manages to be fascinating | Benjamin Molineaux @benmolineaux Kids today mean save' button represents some kind physical storage disk? OMG today mean 'upper case' and 'lower case' refer physical cases where printers kept their letters? OMG"

Twitter Thread: Fonts Are Surprisingly Fascinating

Surprising as you are.
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Dad sends wtf letter to guy for honor restitution years after relationship ends | Isaac N. @isaactweeting One of my best and oldest friends broke up with his high school girlfriend over a decade ago. Today, his wife of 7 years found this absolute ornament in their mailbox. Just...stop what you're doing and read...

Highschool Ex's Dad Demands Restitution for Daughter's Honor

Dear lord.
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