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What do you call the end piece of bread?

30+ People share different culture's names for that 'end piece of the bread', a surprising amount of cultures have the same idea

If you needed proof that all cultures have something in common: This is it. As it turns out, that end piece of crusty bread is regarded in a similar, if not identical, way in each culture. Forever an outcast, or as the Scottish put it: an outsider, that end piece of bread is regarded by all to be an inferior or unwanted portion, earning names like 'The Mother-in-Law,' the 'Butt' 'Boss,' 'Heel,' 'Nob'; all terms being derogatory, unwanted, and utterly dreadful, dirty things. This is a topic that…
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Chaotic Messy Man Recounts the Horrors of His Bachelor Pad After Realizing the Simple 'Hacks' of His Genius Woman

‘I ain’t even own a washcloth before you'
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What's the weirdest date you've been on? "He ate like 15 tacos in a parking lot in total silence": People shared the most bizarre dates they've ever been on

'He ate like 15 tacos in a parking lot in total silence': People shared the most bizarre dates they've ever been on

These people were all hoping to meet their soulmates - but instead, they got a great story to tell of a crazy date gone wrong ! Dating seems like it could be so simple. You meet someone, hit it off, and have a simple meal together. However, not everyone is a natural at dating. Some people get super nervous and clam up. Others have a bad attitude about dating. Or maybe they're just not really that into the person they're out to dinner with (and will let them know they're not happy to be dining t…
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Elon Musk fired developer via Twitter | I have spent ~6yrs working on Twitter for Android and can say this is wrong.

Viral Twitter Thread: 'He's fired': Elon Musk fires developer via tweet for publicly correcting him on Twitter in viral exchange

As the Twitter meltdown continues to unfold, Elon Musk has just excused a Staff Software Engineer — who dared to speak out against his rhetoric — via Twitter.
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Well i'm not getting this job | it literally says edit profile you fraud

Twitter Thread: OnlyFans model fakes failed job interview to promote her account, called out in viral tweet

What is real these days? Is this post real? Am I real? Or am I just an algorithm trained to harvest content and write pseudo-intellectual sentences? These days who can really be certain? Especially with the rise of viral marketing, side-hustling, and clout chasers. I mean, just yesterday, I saw a content creator calling out another content creator who has created a persona that centers around being a “family man” and is selling a Hustlers University-inspired program teaching you to be a better…
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life hack work in a restaurant bw the ages of 18 and 24 | not a joke

Twitter Thread: Server sparks debate and discussion around the life lessons and experience that comes with working in the Service Industry

Your first job in the service industry (or retail, I'd argue) is a formative experience. For most of us, it comes at that time in our life when earning some cash is a necessity: Maybe you've just graduated high school or college and need a job; maybe you're still in high school; maybe the career you thought you were going to have as an Olympic level athlete didn't quite work out, and now you have no idea what you're doing with your life. Ignoring the fact that the last example is oddly specific…
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Super Mario Bros. Movie Teaser Trailer Released | "who would have thought that chris pratt's big secret voice in the mario movie would be his normal speaking voice"

Twitter Thread: Nintendo Drops the First Look at 'The Super Mario Bros. Movie' Here Some of the First Takes (October 7, 2022)

In case you missed it, in the last hour, Nintendo has finally slid the curtain back on the Super Mario Bros. Movie by releasing a teaser trailer that totaled 2:29 in length. This small glimpse has (predictably) caused an explosion of reactions on Twitter, where the movie has been hotly anticipated. There has been much debate on the platform surrounding the direction the movie will take, which took a worrying turn when the movie's eclectic voice-acting cast was unveiled. Fans were concerned with…
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Right, everyone. I need to be serious for a moment. Because the gretest thing that ever happened is happening right now. I don't particularly care either way about the queen but the queue? the queue is a triumph of Britishness.

Twitter Thread: 'The Queue', the Pinnacle of British Society, a Memorial

We'd like to take this chance to remember and memorialize ‘The Queue’ an inordinately long endless stretch of outstandingly ordered persons that demonstratively indicates we have likely reached the penultimate peak of British society. No this isn't about the memorial for the queen herself but rather a memorial to memorialize the sensation that has now passed in the form of “The Queue” as it remains in our hearts and minds. "The Queue" as it has been dubbed both on the internet and in the wider…
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twitter Twitter Thread relationships tweets tweet online dating dating - 17804549

Twitter Thread: Woman Roasted By Dating App Match Who Recognized Her

This woman tweeted a screenshot of a message she received on a dating app roasting her for the duration that she has been on dating apps. The match recognized her from years (and matches) past and didn't hesitate to call her out. “I've seen you on dating apps for years now. You crazy or something?” the message challenged. While it's true that prolonged or repeated presence is an indicator of a lack of success, there can be a wild variety of reasons for that. Plus, two can play at that game. As…
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twitter fortnite streamer Twitter Thread gaming tweets pc gaming - 17562629

Twitter Thread: Should Cheating in Video Games Be ACTUALLY Illegal? Pro Gamers and Streamers Postulate

“Cheating in video games should be illegal," tweeted Pro Gamer and Streamer, Tfue, sparking debate in this trending Twitter thread. Tfue, the online alias of American streamer Turner Tenney, is best known as one of the standout talents from the height of the Fortnite craze.
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twitter logan paul Twitter Thread keke palmer jordan peele live tweet criticism Movie movies film - 17488389

Twitter Thread: Logan Paul Goes All-In With A Live-Tweet Take On Jordan Peele's "NOPE"

It's been a long, long time since we've talked about Logan Paul. Like many of you, I chose to pretend that he and his brethren don't exist. I ultimately gave up even pretending to harbor an ironic dislike for the guy after the whole “Suicide Forest” incident in Japan at the start of 2018. Since that incident, he is and has been, a nothingness to me. Fast forward to 2021. Well, a lot has happened since that time and I found myself reflecting this morning upon a tastefully thought-out criticism o…
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twitter FAIL Twitter Thread live tweet customer service retail service industry - 17409285

Live-Tweet: Retelling of Worst Sandwich Ever Prompts People to Share Their Terrible Food Stories

This former Subway “Sandwich Artist” took to Twitter on Monday to share their experience with an unfortunate individual who intentionally ordered a “questionable sandwich” that would haunt their nightmares. They note in their initial tweet that kick-started the thread that they “sincerely worry about the person who ordered it.” The story was told by @pb_and_garlic who shared their story in the form of a Twitter thread or what we used to refer to here as a “Live Tweet" (are we still using that?)…
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twitter thread 101 Dalmatians weird sequel

Twitter Thread Unpacks The Unhinged Sci-Fi Sequel To 101 Dalmatians

So it's not 102 Dalmatians.
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workplace slang twitter thread

Twitter Thread: Teaching Coworkers How To Use Slang In The Workplace

A meeting of the minds.
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yeezy twitter Twitter Thread kanye kanye west funny twitter celebrity twitter - 16598021

People Lose Their Minds Over A Restock of Kanye's Yeezy Slide; The Most Heinous Shoe in Existence

Presenting: The Yeezy Slide and, just like anything Kanye has created since My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, I don't care for it. These absurd pieces of footwear have been trending on the internet this week thanks to a restock of shoes that were released. The Slide was sold through a raffle-based system that has been notoriously plagued by bots and scripts buying up available stock for aftermarket resale. To further add to the pain of would-be Slide owners, the webpage that the drawing was be…
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men and women are flocking to tiktok and twitter right now to figure out how men hold it when they pee

"When Boys Pee, Do They Hold It Like a Joint or a Cigarette?" Is the Viral Question Trending on Twitter and TikTok Right Now

This question just brings so many more questions. Who knew there were so many different ways to hold that thing?? Social media is coming through and providing the answers
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