A Very Pregnant Olivia Wilde Has a Gross Plan to Fight Rude Subway Riders

funny parenting image Pregnant Olivia Wilde sends passive aggressive tweet to rude subway riders
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You Can't Stop a R347 L337 iPhone 7 H4CKZ0R Apple

funny twitter image iphone 7 headphone hack parody
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So Was Harambe, But Now They're Both Gone

funny twitter image old enough to remember apple ads were based on headphones
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dogs FAIL high school tweet - 135686

When Your Senior Year Photos Get Photobombed This Naturally, You Gotta Go With the Flow

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FAIL uber cab tweet mistake money - 135430

In Case You Hadn't Already Had an Expensive Nap, Don't Fall Asleep In Your Uber Home

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Kanye Celebrates Squashing the Fabricated West/Swift Beef For Unity in This Clever Shirt

win kanye west and taylor swift album mash up shirt to celebrate unity over beef
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Anthony Weiner is a Great Example of How Not to Sext as a Dad

funny fail image Anthony Weiner busted sexting with toddler son in bed with him
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Marshawn Lynch Hasn't Retired His NFL Rivalry Spirit Or Burning Anyone In His Way

win tweet Marshawn Lynch responds perfect to fan's patriots signature request
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Are You a Bottom or a Top? Asking For a Parking Lot

funny fail image UK Fiat parked on top of another car
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American Patriotism Everyone

funny fail image Cleveland Police report protestor lit american flag and self on fire
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Well That's One Way to Make a Splash Coming Out to Your Family

win image daughter comes out on disney splash mountain ride photo
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drinking alcohol bro tweet Video - 500228

This is What it Looks Like to Take a Beer Bong Filled with Whiskey Like a Champ

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school water bottle talent tweet Video win - 502020

A High School Talent Show Got Lit Over a Water Bottle Flip

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sports stealing smart tweet Video - 501764

If This College Softball Player Wasn't Already Using the Nickname 'Twinkletoes' They Should be Now

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promotion sports FAIL nfl football tweet - 500740

At One Point a Certain NFL Team Wanted Their Fans to Jag it With Their Rag Out

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Cooking Consent

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