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Idiots Block Fuel Pump, Truckers Conspire to Block Them In

These truckers had had enough of people (including other truckers) blocking fuel pumps by taking their 30-minute breaks with their vehicles still parked at the pump. Any attempt to reason with these entitled people was just getting them nowhere, so they devised a scheme to pay these mother-truckers back and make them come to grips with their actions. This thread was posted to r/prettyrevenge by one of the truckers who executed their revenge, Redditor u/Lap_Killa. They posted the story to tell o…
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demonstration of the Volvo truck emergency brake system

Volvo Truck Emergency Brake In Action

Always look both ways.
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Vehicles that were too tall and hit things. | trucks containers crushed falling apart after trying to pass under low passageways

Unfortunate Vehicles that Couldn't Make the Clearance

What was that sound?
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Long haul truckers share the creepiest things that they've seen on the road | reddit posted by JasonVoorheesthe13th My great uncle long haul trucker and he swears one time he driving down road see two guys pull rolled up carpet out trunk their car and throw river. Whether 's true or not don't know, but 's still creepy none less.

Long Haul Truckers Share Creepiest Things They've Seen

It gets real creepy out there on the road.
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Various dumb moments that presented themselves in auto repair shops | worst one ever seen: auto part tire rim | Double blowout rolled this morning: car wheels jagged metal

Moments Of Fail That Rolled Into The Auto Repair Shop

Some people's car troubles are more severe than others.
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A guy with an ugly yellow hood on his truck finds his missing match | John Payan trade asap lol Victor Corral this is perfect

Guy With Ugly Yellow Hood On Truck Finds His Match

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funny trucks

15 Amusing Times Trucks Brought Raunchy Humor To The Road

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funny wtf fail pics

27 Disappointing Moments That Threw People for a Loop

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online stupidity

12 Classic Morons Who Made The Internet Even Dumber

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cover image about a news fail

17 Times Life Dealt People a Bad Hand

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big and small fails

17 Unfortunate Events Ranging From "Aw Man" To "WHOA BOY"

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ridiculous funny pics

19 Ridiculous Pics Of Rednecks Doing Hillbilly Sh*t

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russia FAIL launch truck special delivery pallet delivery trucks flying - 366086

Guy Gets Launched in Spectacular Pallet Jack Fail

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donald trump trucks - 1814533

Hoooooly Shit, These Pictures of Trump in a Semi Truck Might Have Just Made This Whole Nightmare Worth It

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