seller's ad for red truck

Seller Posts Ad For The Most Red Truck, Painted Inside And Out

They aren't lying.
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karen traffic story

Semi-Driver Blocks Shoulder-Driving Karen, Watches Her Crash Into Police Cruiser

Well, she sort of escaped traffic.
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cars driving Memes lol truck dumb funny - 16243717

Car Memes To Look At While Driving

We can't advocate driving while on your phone, but also if that's something you decide to do on your own, we can't do anything about it. So for the purposes of this situation, we meant that figuratively. Many of us spend a few hours a day in our cars and wish we didn't have to. That said, many of us have cars that are nicer than our homes themselves, so the prospect of sitting in a comfortable chair while going fast and listening to music isn't so bad. Here are some dumb drivers who deserve amp…
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news FAIL lol truck lake boat mistake - 107184385

Truck Rolls Down Boat Launch Into Lake During News Broadcast

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wtf absurd cars driving driver lol truck unsafe safety - 16009989

The Wildest Junk People Saw Other Drivers Do While Driving

For some reason, a lot of people see driving as a secondary activity to eating a bowl of Chex or doing their hair. Here are some of the irresponsible and straight up absurd junk truckers and other drivers have spotted their fellow drivers doing behind the wheel. It's as if their windshield is just a tv screen to them or something. So watch out for these morons and other incompetent drivers who should be banned from the road.
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wheel wtf drifting FAIL tired close call lol truck - 107658497

Truck Driver Drifts Recklessly, Breaks Wheel Clean Off

Nice clean break.
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FAIL shopping cart lol truck Target stupid - 107494657

A Classic And Beautiful Shopping Cart Mishap

Absolutely flawless.
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wtf slippery cars truck Video - 107484417

Truck Slips On Road, Zoops On Outta There

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man can't move company truck without angering boss, lets it get damaged in hail

Dude Reprimanded For Moving Company Truck, Leaves It In Hail Storm

Hey, that's what they wanted.
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Guys load truck onto ferry using un-sturdy planks

Dudes Use Flimsy Planks To Load Truck Onto Ferry, Actually Works

But It's probably not worth a second try.
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funny, weird and stupid car modifications

Weird, Stupid and Absurd Car Modifications

Sick ride, bro.
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ridiculous truck dangerous funny Video - 106868481

Tricky Bridge Claims Yet Another Unsuspecting Truck's Roof

That's a big whoops.
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Guys get UHaul stuck in low clearance parking garage and burst a pipe, spilling brown water all over the vehicle

Doofuses Cram A U-Haul Into A Parking Garage

It plays out like Dumb and Dumber.
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concrete truck tips close to van video

Concrete Truck Makes Tight Turn, Almost Crushes Van

There's some concrete evidence.
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trucker helps block escapee during car chase

Skilled Truck Driver Helps To End Car Chase

Absolute mad skills.
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villagers pull truck from gorge

Villagers Summon Strength to Pull Truck From Gorge

Now that's some community.
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