late boss learns to respect applicants time

Boss Won't Respect People's Time, Employee Cleverly Trains Her

Just have a little decency.
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news wtf plane crash plane train airplane lucky rescue - 107811073

Pilot Pulled From Plane Crash Seconds Before It's Hit By Train

Is there a worse place to crash a plane? Like seriously, this guy was having a rough enough day as is. When a plane crash is just gonna be the start of your day in a rube-Goldbergian series of near-death experiences, it's time to seriously start questioning if the universe is just seeing what it can get away with.
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assigned-seat public transportation story entitled ticket seat mom train - 16131333

Entitled Mom Takes Stranger's Reserved Seat, Doesn't Understand Why He's Upset

A simple rule of ticketed transportation is to sit where you actually have a reserved ticket to sit at. People don't always follow that rule, and that's not even a big deal as long as they recognize they're in the wrong place when someone does actually arrive to sit in their designated seat and move. Unfortunately, sometimes people don't, like this Redditor u/Trainnightmare. This user posted to r/AmITheAsshole to ask whether they were in the wrong for sitting in reserved seats with her two chil…
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employee buys train ticket but boss demands they buy a more expensive plane ticket

Employee Buys Train Ticket, Furious Boss Demands They Buy Plane Ticket At 3X The Cost

Hey man, it's your money.
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crazy surprising dangerous train Video - 107425281

Woman Narrowly Avoids Getting Hit By Train

Way, way too close.
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railroad awesome faith in humanity restored train Video win - 106749953

Heroic Railway Employee Rescues Child From Oncoming Train

A real life hero.
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weird stuff seen on the subway

Strange and Freaky Moments on the Subway

Just a regular commute.
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Guy's bike lurches forward and falls in path of train, he watches as it gets destroyed.

Dude's Bike Just Barely Gets Ripped Apart By Train

That's a bad day.
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train fail going under low bridge

Train Tries To Go Under Low Clearance Bridge, $2 Million Fail Ensues

Thankfully, nobody was injured.
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Woman uses candy to get her cousin's kids under control | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/throwawayAAAAAHHHHH 15 hours ago 24 12 14 3 14 4 AITA keeping my promise training her kids like dogs if/ my cousin dumps them on sorry if title isn't accurate can't think another description describe training My cousin Amy (25F) has (6M) twins and has nasty habit dumping them onto relatives babysit entire day without any warning or regard their time 27F have very strained relationship with her but because my

Woman Trains Cousin's Terrible Kids like Dogs

She never said she was a babysitter.
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Hogwarts express view blocked by regular train, disappointing onlookers.

Hogwarts Express Sighting Blocked Perfectly By Regular Train

That's incredible timing.
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1900 black and white vintage footage Flying Train in Germany

Amazing Footage Of Flying Train Taken In Germany In 1902

Absolutely stunning.
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cool train tank engine log hauler

Steam Powered Lombard Log Hauler Is Pure Madness

Feels like I went sideways in time.
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Strangers being strange on the subway | person dressed as a centaur shirtless human torso and zebra body | woman cutting onions on a cutting board balanced on her knees

Interesting Subway Moments of Weirdness

It's almost nostalgia at this point.
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Guy falls asleep on the train, tries to evade fare, conductor can't be tricked | Ignacio Lopez @comedylopez Witnessed most amazing thing on train Edinburgh yesterday guy boarded Wigan sat opposite He went sleep an hour he woke up he bought sandwich, ate went back sleep This isn't maths test don't need know distance/ speed).

Guy Falls Asleep On Train, Tries To Evade Fare, Conductor Isn't Fooled

Sleepy dude almost pulled it off.
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Funny video of toy train stunts.

Sick Toy Train Stunts

Get your conductor's cap on and get ready to lay some track.
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