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Jack Black Unleashes A Dirty, Filthy Toy Saxophone Solo

Jack Black is one of those people who almost nobody dislikes. The guy could spit on little old ladies and people would get angry that those old bags didn't thank him for it. Jack Black is also known for playing a toy children's sax with Tenacious D, and honestly it sounds way better than it has any right to be.
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"Shotgun"? No, that Would Just be Excessive

beer gun shotgun toy - 5918912000
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You Can't Even Put a Harness on Him!

baby caption dogs Parenting Fail pet present toy - 5451781632
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Autocowrecks: Never Too Young to Not Text While Driving

child driving parenting toy - 6065610496
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Must Be a Percussion Instrument

toy gun instrument - 7818278400

What? Spider-Man is Just Making Some Web.

toy Spider-Man not what it looks like fail nation - 7175029760
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It's Just a Matter of Perspective

toy totally looks like perspective g rated win - 7004008704
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Stuck in a Bad Place FAIL

Fail blog of a stuffed animal stuck under another with the perfect expression showing.
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toy lego stuff wood - 6796224768
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DIY Weeping Angel Barbie WIN

toy Barbie nerdgasm doctor who DIY - 6752317952
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Favorite Character FAIL

toy whoops boxing - 6727761152
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WIN!: Smart Car WIN

car cars design driving smart car toy best of week Hall of Fame - 6629930752
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Child's Toy FAIL

accidental sexy inappropriate parenting toy what - 6579293952
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design knex model roller coaster toy Video - 41940225

Knex Room WIN

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Water Balloon Roulette WIN

gun toy water balloon - 6570223104
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WINning Combination

pool toy trampoline whee - 6514762496
Created by Unknown
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