Mommy Says I Came Out Of... WHERE??

birth stuffed animal toy - 5790809856
Created by Crystal ( Via )

Engrish Funny: Rock Out With Your

engrish funny innuendo toy typo - 5861169152
Created by neonblack77
classic slinky toy treadmill Video - 34278145

CLASSIC: Infinite Happiness WIN

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Hot Wheels nerdgasm nostalgia toy Video - 34064641

Hot Wheels City WIN

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WIN!: Build Your Own Star Destroyer WIN

g rated lego model nerdgasm star destroyer star wars toy win - 5818524160
Via Geeks are Sexy

Floating Fortress WIN

swimming toy whee - 5835852544
Created by Unknown


design lego nerdgasm room take my money toy - 5839856128
Created by Unknown
creepy robot toy Video - 33709825

Walking Robot Toy WIN

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LEGO Ghost Trap WIN

80s Ghostbusters lego model Movie nerdgasm toy - 5765560832
Via Alex Eylar
bird demonstration flight take my money toy Video wings - 32916481

Ornithopter Toy WIN

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Hand-Made Pop Figures WIN

action figure arrested development back to the future breaking bad custom DIY Ghostbusters nerdgasm pop culture Shaun Of the dead toy - 5675822336
Via SirCreate
contraption g rated Hall of Fame lego rube goldberg toy Video win YT video - 31385601

WIN!: Lego Contraption WIN

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Replace the Car with a Fixie and We're Golden!

baby beer hipster Parenting Fail toddler toy - 5616032512
Created by Unknown

Basic Psychology OR Baby Humor for Days

baby ball comic Hall of Fame logic Parenting Fail play toy - 5590993664
Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Parenting Fails: Let's Go Spit on Them!

car dad Father g rated parenting Parenting Fail rich people toy - 5586999808
Created by Unknown

Job Security WIN

accident cannon doctor emergency gun job review toy - 5543011328
Created by djsparky

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