IKEA Must Have Had a Reason to Seal Their Toilets...

ikea funny there I fixed it toilets - 7784171520
By jimmi (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

Forever Awkward

bathrooms public bathroom Awkward Moment toilets - 6151484160
By poop-faced

Plumbers Cost Money, But Kludging is Free

bathroom humor funny toilets - 7677606912
By oscar mayer1

Get It While It's Fresh!

bathrooms pooping toilets - 7165204992
By InnerFlame

Funnel System

bathroom humor road cones funny toilets - 7608194304
By Unknown

For Those Who Never Want Their Girlfriend to Come Over

bathroom humor funny toilets - 7588355840
By SapphireBeam

You're Not Supposed To Look At The Other Guy, Honey

bathroom toilets g rated Parenting FAILS - 7446784512
By Unknown

He's Sick of Taking Your Crap

toilets - 7086535936
By Unknown

Left My Phone at My Desk

toilet paper toilets restrooms - 7384190976
By Unknown

No Handle? No Problem!

flushers chains toilets - 7373011968
By Jared

The Back Office is Flush With Success

flushers toilets - 7267020032

Brush to Flush!

flushing toilets - 7301740800
By JoelC75

Good Going, Tracie

trolling notes toilets - 7293890816
By Unknown

Trust Me, I'm a Nurse

flushers toilets - 7254650624

DIY Toilet

toilets - 7258559744
By UltimateDark

Harlem Shake Fail

dancing FAIL gifs harlem shake toilets - 7231352064
By Unknown