Here, Good as New

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Created by wilson1828

Handy Bathroom Gadgets

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At Least He Could Have Put The Seat Down

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Created by Unknown

Pay Attention, This Is Very Important

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R.I.P. Toilet Seat

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Created by Calder

I Suddenly Feel Better About Myself!

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What? Like That Never Happens to You

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Created by Unknown

There, I Cleaned It!

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Created by Sutashii

Unlikely Sight in an Upscale Restaurant

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Created by april.nichols.503 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Get Back Here!

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Everyone Said the Stalls Were Too Cramped

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Created by Unknown

Why Cut When You Can Bend?

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Created by Unknown

The Repair and the Sign Are Equally Crappy

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Created by Unknown

It's All a Matter of Perspective

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It's Now Safe to Use the Toilet

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Created by Unknown

Most People Get Something Quaint Like a Park Bench...

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