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Guy buys too much toilet paper for years, and ends up running out now | TIFU: After accidentally buying way too much toilet paper years finally ran out. THIS WEEK. This is FU is three years making, culminating today few years back started buying toilet paper on Amazon subscription. But my kid had just moved out so apparently overestimated much buy so didn't all fit linen cupboard. My darling spouse started storing extra garage. But didn't know this as never go there.

Guy Buys Too Much Toilet Paper For Years, Runs Out Now

Worst timing ever.
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Shopper gets petty revenge on toilet paper hoarding karen by pretending to buy all the wipes | r/pettyrevenge Posted by u/ashtins89 2 days ago Screw toilet paper Karen Ok y'all 's been shitty week and just not having anymore last night at grocery store meander through aisles buying my Corona snacks (which already ate shocker) and know need toilet paper hit up TP aisle see six 24 packs Charmin stoked stock and good stuff at There middle aged Karen on phone standing front stack so stupidly wait

Shopper Gets Petty Revenge on Toilet Paper Hoarding Karen

What's with all the toilet paper?
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people mass buying toilet paper at costco

The Costco Toilet Paper Dash

Mad times we live in.
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dogs FAIL banana signs fire toilet paper funny win - 5830917

17 First World Anarchists Who "Fought" the "System"

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toilet paper bathroom toilet story funny - 1578757

Bro's Typical Bathroom Outing Comes to Screeching Halt With Amazing Toilet Paper Plot Twist

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All Better!

twitter toilet paper parenting - 8822926080
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toilet paper invention Japan Video win - 81146369

Japan Has Made the First World's Most Necessary Invention

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Make Pooping Great Again

twitter donald trump toilet paper - 8799798272
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For Your Health

twitter toilet paper win - 8796224512
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And if You Put it on Upside Down I'll Haunt You Forever

marriage Death toilet paper tweet dating - 8749933312

After Picnic Time It's Nap Time For This Comfy Possum

funny animal image possum found in toilet paper dispenser in park restroom
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Those School Budgets Are Serious

funny fail image school locks toilet paper
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Is No One Going to Tell Her?

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You Really Need Instructions?

bathroom instructions signs toilet paper what - 4181338880
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I Didn't Need to Wipe Anyway

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Stimulating Class Discussion FAIL

class school stupid toilet paper - 5424101376
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