toilet paper

Have Fun Replacing the Roll. Forever.

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That's Either a Bathroom Accident, or He's a Furry

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Over/Under Controversy: Resolved!

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Created by Unknown

Well-Played, Roomie

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How Many Times Have You Had to Do This?

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Via The Beginnings of Things

Hanzel and Gretel Used Bread Crumbs...

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Change it Half as Often!

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Created by stefanienin

The REAL Culprit

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I Would Wish Such Horrors Upon No Man...

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MacGyver Strikes Again

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Created by PCPackrat

Now THAT'S How to Advertise Toilet Paper

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Curse You, Charmin!

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Created by sheisCRAZY

Certently You Know How to Spell Surgeon?

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Toilet Paper: Secured

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Sometimes You Need to Throw a Wrench in the Works

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Created by teepee91

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