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All Day, Every Day

moe knows the answer to life's questions
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Who Needs Books?

homer doesn't like books
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Lisa Needs Legislation... DENTAL PLAN

Text - 42 mins If Homer Simpson were a democratic congressman from Springfield Ohio, he'd be Homer Simpson (D-OH).. Unlike Comment Share You and like this. That's... actually pretty awesome. Just now Like Write a comment...
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Lisa Knows the Truth

men the simpsons funny - 8424493056
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Two Wives or Two Knives?

moe knives wife the simpsons funny - 8422520320
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Yep That's How They Do it Alright

birds bees sexy times the simpsons funny - 8414647296

Every Sunday Morning

beer funny the simpsons homer simpson - 8411949056
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Art Teachers Need to Get the Creative Juices Flowing

The simpsons know all art teachers smoke the pot.
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Michael Baxter is 60 Years Old and Has 200 Simpsons Characters Tattooed on His Back

tattoos BAMF the simpsons - 8399677696
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Eat My Socks

poorly dressed socks bart simpson the simpsons - 8400171520
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What's Better Than Sex?

homer simpson food sexy times the simpsons funny - 8394818048
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art list the simpsons Pokémon win pikachu - 335877

Pop Art of the Day: Young Artist Turns 2D Sketches Into 3D Images

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Every Day at Work

monday thru friday homer simpson instructions the simpsons - 8372032512
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I Choo-Choo-Choose This Cake

cake baking shirt the simpsons g rated win - 8371476480
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No Reason to Be Scared

beer the simpsons funny - 8363126016
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Nothing Gets Rid of the Blues Faster

beer depressing funny the simpsons - 8361139712
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