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Beer Helps You Get Sweet Abs

work those stomach muscles homer
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Get the Rakes Out of the Room, Please

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"Go to Hell, You Old Coot!"

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LEGO is Outdoing Themselves With This Recreation of The Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart

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There's So Much Blame to Go Around

parent teacher night is depressing
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We're All in This Together

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The Prejudice of St. Patrick's Day

the italians want no part of it
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OakOak Spreads the Simpsons on the Streets of France in Honor of Sam Simon

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Make a Terrible Life Choice: Be a Grad Student

the simpsons knows it doesn't pay to be a grad student
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The Benefits of Getting Good Grades

it pays to balance your family check book.
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Homer's Couple's Night Is Ruined

poor homer and his enema
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School Children Are Easily Stimulated

principal skinner knows you shouldn't over stimulate the students
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Genius of the Day: Homer Simpson Predicted Higgs Boson Before Scientists

geek news homer simpson predicted higgs boson

I Hear He Used to Drive a Snow Plow

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Perfect Shoes For Backing Away Slowly

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