Not fun facts about horrible and terrible things | gkibbe 20.7k points 10 hours ago People who handle cockroaches develop allergies them. This usually prevents them drinking pre- ground coffee because cockroaches get grounded with large batches.

Not-So-Fun Facts To Feel Bad About

Oh... cool.
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Gross, criminal and WTF trashy moments | Ghanaian pastor bathes church, tells congregation drink bathwater anointing | person riding a bike with a traffic light over their shoulder

Trashy Moments Bursting with Garbage-ocity

Trashiness comes in many flavors.
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Stories of horrible coworkers | litkat16 16.8k points 17 hours ago had manager once who dumped trash on my desk my third day there. She said remind taking out trash part my job description wasn't research assistant at mortgage firm)

Horrible Coworkers People Had To Deal With

There's always one.
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trashy moments | Reno man charged with stealing surgical masks VA hospital wanted | TO THE PRETTY YOUNG GIRL PINK PANTS THANK VIEW! sign taped to pole in the street

Trashy Behavior that Belongs on Mount Garbage

At the tippy top.
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People being mean, selfish and trashy | NEWGATE Tarmerrwe SUPERMARKETS Fury as stockpilers throw away mountains food bought panic-buyer supermarket frenzy | policeman standing beside a man selling toilet paper $30 for a 12 pack on a makeshift table

Garbage Moments that Belong on Trash Island

Trashiness can arise from anywhere.
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People describe the worst pickup lines that they've ever heard or used | -floatybean 21h Did see mistake Spotify? They didn't have as hot single this day still cringe at .

Worst Pickup Lines Ever Heard/Used

So bad they actually work sometimes.
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Mom tricks rude Karen into thinking she's deaf | r/IDontWorkHereLady Posted by 2 u/dtlove87 6 days ago 34 Are deaf? Um XL So this just happened and actually kind proud bit backstory stay with my kids during day and work nights. My husband and have opposite shifts, so can save on daycare. Because this dont usually go grocery shopping during week because can be difficult getting my kids through store My daughter sometimes has meltdowns big crowds. She doesn't have any sensory issues according her

Mom Scares Off Karen Using Sign Language

A wild Karen appeared!
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Chaos, mistakes and moments of things going wrong | snowy hills and marks in the snow that suggest a person skiing crashed and then walked the rest of the way by foot | car completely smashed by tree trunks

Misfortune and Chaos that Derailed People's Days

It's around every corner.
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horrible entitled friend wants free drinks | doesn't have any money her OWN birthday and need there bought drinks last weekend so thought come and do again this weekend but obviously not im sorry alright but have been looking forward london since booked and wanna go, if could get refund would

Entitled "Friend" Wants Free Drinks, Gets Evil About It

Might not want to consider this person a friend anymore.
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Entitled choosing beggars who demanded free stuff | text messages They were still like $250 headphones. But said could have them. Just get whoever gave them buy new ones. Please give back my head phones

Entitled People Who've Gotta Pack Up Their Rotten Attitudes

Wanting free stuff is one thing, but being a jerk about it is another.
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Stories of people on askreddit who went to bad concerts | posted by AXPendergast Madonna! Mistakenly got tickets her Madamx tour. Started 30 min late, she talked between every song, ended up with four songs an hour. She spent 20 minutes auctioning off Polaroid selfie left at point.

Concerts That Didn't Live Up to the Hype

Some bands aren't great live.
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Stories and moments of bad roommates | glass jar surrounded by a yarn rope: ur petty af decide start labeling dirty dishes like an art exhibit roommates always leave around apartment

Bad Roommate Moments and Stories

There's nothing quite like living with someone who can't even take care of themselves.
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Hold music on a phone that sounds horrible.

Some Absymal Hold Music

It's as if their strategy is to force callers to hang up.
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Tips, advice, and life hacks | 1. Golden spending rule: If can't afford two can't afford 2 thinking about buying something don't necessarily need, imagine item one hand and cash other. Which one would take?

Various Tips and Life Hacks to Become a Slightly More Effective Person

Who wants to make marginally fewer mistakes!
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Guy rents an airbnb and the plumbing backs up horribly, forcing everyone to leave | r/tifu Posted by DicksOut4Paul TIFU by trusting some rando on Airbnb L Shit River 2K19 have thousand words explain all transpired with Our Dear Friend Paul August 3rd August 4th, 2019. Let spin tale tale Shit River.

Airbnb Turns Into House of Stinky Nightmares

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Person accidentally pops lymph node | r/tifu Posted by _peter_tingle_ TIFU by popping forbidden pimple This wasn't today, this actually few months ago get lot pimples on my face, not lot at once, just usually 1 or 2 will last week or so until pop them or they go away.

Pimple Popper Goes Too Far, Targets Lymph Node

This is awful.
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