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Teen's Mother Has Her Fake An Injury So That She Can Skip Out of Work

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Why Are Teens Still Doing the Ice and Salt Challenge? Teens, Stop Doing This.

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This Mom's Story About Running Into a Wild Pack of Teenagers in TJ Max Will Cause You to Lose Faith in Humanity

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What Are You Waiting For?

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Can You Make It All the Way Through This Super Cringey Music Video With Young Kendall and Kylie Jenner?

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Teenage Pressures Are At An All Time High

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Good News!

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The License Plate To Put On Your Kid's Car

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I'm Leaving You To Spend More Time With My Snacks

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Proof That Teenagers Have The Worst Ideas of What's "Fun"

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Trying to be The Hulk Can Make One Drowsy

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The Easiest Way To Embarrass Your College-Bound Child

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A Former Marvel Illustrator Immortalizes Her Daughter's "Devil Phase"

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Thanks, Kids

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"How" Is the Question We're Asking

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