AITA for gifting my mom and her husband a book on cheating for their anniversary?

Dejected Son Gives Adulterous Mother and Step-Father a Novel Centered on Cheating for Their Anniversary

This teenage son still hasn't forgiven his mother for her affair when he was ten years old. So, when she married the man she had been cheating with, he gave her a book on cheating for their anniversary. This week, Reddit user u/IGaveTheBook turned to the r/AmItheAsshole subreddit seeking advice and insight on his actions. Contributors often post to this subreddit for third-party insight into their issues, asking readers and commenters whether or not they are the a-hole in the situation. u/IGave…
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teens drama teenagers parenting entitled family entitled parent - 16503557

Entitled Mother Demands Gifts From Her Children on Their Birthday, Oldest Takes a Stand

This can not possibly be normal.
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teens malicious compliance teenagers lessons parenting parents - 16455429

14-Year-Old Demands to Be Treated Like an Adult, Mom Obliges

This is an excellent life lesson.
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teens aita teenagers parenting dating - 16442629

Cruel Mother Allows Boyfriend to Punish Her 16-Year-Old Son, Forces Him to Babysit Boyfriends Kids When He’s Supposed to Be at Work

You could at least pay him for watching the kids.
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insane teens aita entitled parents drama teenagers parenting parents - 16408581

Insane Parents Attempt to Force Oldest Child to Live at Home to Babysit Siblings, Manipulate Her Into Staying

There's your parents being sad you're moving out... and then there's THIS.
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teens dating fails university teenagers relationships online dating college dating - 16355845

People Share Blindly Obvious Signs They Missed That Someone Was Into Them

We've probably all had these moments of missed hints, overlooked cues, complete obliviousness. These things come hand in hand with the coy games of courtship that take place when you're just starting to feel all of “it” out. And feeling “it” out? That's probably one of the more universal parts of the human experience and the outré affair that is adolescence. There's always that lingering doubt of “will they or won't they” and the wont to hide one's true desires in order to save face should they…
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teens aita teenagers siblings - 16100613

Girl Calls Out Her Sister For Faking a Terminal Illness, Sister's Boyfriend Breaks Up With Her

Why would you do this.
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insane christmas entitlement teenagers parenting - 16039429

Psychotic Daughter Gifts Breast Cancer Survivor Step-Mother Horribly Cruel Christmas Present

She did WHAT?
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aita teenagers relationships parenting family parents - 15971077

Deluded Parents Won’t Deal With Cockroach Problem, Clever Teen Fills Their Bed Up With Hundreds of Tiny Corpses

If you're really looking to get someone's attention. This is the way to do it.
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coffee shop fired teenagers workplace cafe funny - 15959045

Clever Teens "Fake Getting Fired" When Customers Complain and Act Entitled

Seems like a bit of harmless fun.
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teenagers relationships parenting parents - 15960069

Stepmother Forces Teenage Step-Daughter to Babysit Four Kids, Mom Calls Her Out

Good work Mom.
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halloween costumes halloween teenagers trick or treat relationships parenting - 15510021

Parent Tells Their Teen They Are Too Old to Trick or Treat, Gets Soundly Corrected on the Subject By the Internet

AITA for not letting 16y/o daughter Trick or Treat?
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tumblr thread on talking to kids like they're people

Tumblr Thread: Talking To Kids Like They're People

Not a bad idea.
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Kid orders nothing and pays money for it | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by Brosdie Nothing Burger oc s This is my favourite story tell about my job year and half working at my local McDonald's. Compliant, yes. Malicious judgement.

Fast Food Employee Gives Pranking Teen Exactly What He Ordered

He played himself.
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Vegan daughter demands dad can't cook meat in house.

Dad Asks If He's Wrong For Upsetting Vegan Daughter With His Bacon Cooking

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Guy tells story of how when he was a teenager he was hired at a retail store. No one told him to do anything so he occupied his time, then got bored and left.

Guy Gets Hired at Store, Never Told to do Anything, Stays On for Months

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