CLASSIC: Advertisement WIN

advertisement boat classic sign swimming zombie - 6343562240
Created by Lord_Clure
inspirational motivationa Inspirational Motivational sports swimming Video - 38783233

Unsinkable Swimmer WIN

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Pool Too Cold?

cold hose hot hot water pipe pool range stove swimming temperature - 6263854848
Created by tamatisk

That Wasn't "Swimming"

animals nature swimming turtle - 6217303296
Created by Matt

Because Driving is For Pansies

driving google maps iPhones swimming - 6175885568
Created by Unknown

Photobomb FAIL

lake swimming - 6177602304
Created by Unknown
BAMF bear polar bear swimming Video YT video - 37107969

WIN!: Swimming With a Bear WIN

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One of Them Doesn't Quite Fit Here

bikini pool swimming - 6010804992
Created by Hernandez

Silly Otter, You Don't Need a Lifejacket

swimming - 5831979776
Created by fatdogmack

Troll Dad Strikes Back

dad mom parents sharks swimming trololo - 5847469568
Created by AbiAjay

Floating Fortress WIN

swimming toy whee - 5835852544
Created by Unknown

Kevin Hart Swims with Dolphins

dolphins kevin hart lol swimming - 5838274560
Via and-its-doctor

Guitar Pool WIN

design guitar Music pool swimming - 5819025408
Created by Unknown

Look Out, We Gotta Michael Phelps Over Here

bad boys dating relationships swimming - 5753644032
Created by Unknown

Expectations FAIL: Wait, Is He Ariel or Eric...

disney reality swimming - 5732527872

There I Fixed It: Save Our Oceans

beach DIY g rated plastic bottle recycling summer fails swimming there I fixed it - 5616962048
Created by el.carl2