He's Doing a What Now?

diving swimming - 7610764544
By AliciaBear

Germany is Flooding, But Some People Are Having Fun!

news flooding Germany swimming funny - 7534886400
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Sportsmanship FAIL

sportsmanship sports swimming fail nation g rated - 7432845824
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Just Keep Swimming

swimming pixar finding nemo toilet - 7339250432
By WaterOz
swimming weird Video - 49120001

Don't Mind Him, He's Just Doing Some Swim Practice

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swimming cap Video - 49126401

This is the Best Way to Put on Your Swimsuit

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Jabba Likes What He Sees!

swimming jabba the hutt dat ass - 7082547456
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Pool Party!

background swimming - 7039105280
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Throw Caution to the Wind

swimming eating Rage Comics - 7003826432
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Sweet Timing WIN

timing photography dive swimming - 6933244416
By jet1370

Dat Ass!

Babies swimming - 6875413504
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Everything Looks In Order Here to Me

warning swimming fish - 6815828992
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Swimming Rules FAIL

oddly specific sign swimming pool - 6792897024
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Canoe Trip FAIL

whoops swimming kayak lake - 6699799808
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Sponsorship FAIL

gas pun innuendo fart swimming speedo - 6678528512
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dive pool ouch pain swimming - 6657389568
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