A bookworm student has their book confiscated, and then their master plan springs into action.

Bookworm Student Has Book Confiscated, Master Plan Springs Into Action

Bookworms unite.
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Teacher gets pink slip, uses bad student skills to get back at faculty | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/itsthebman12 19 hours ago O 5 4 3 3 4 Have students build oc M am Technology Education teacher who always went above and beyond my school, students, and administrators spent countless hours designing and building things school e. signs, murals, wall art, games, etc really didn't mind because enjoy design challenges go along with these builds until received pink slip those who are not aware

Teacher Given Pink Slip, Chooses Least Qualified Students for School Project

Well that's one way to send a message.
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student corrects teacher about birds and tries to get kid punished for it

Student Corrects Teacher, Teacher Can't Handle It

Let the judgement commence.
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Classmate brings donuts and a snack day is started, for revenge the classmate brings raw potatoes | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/rook218 1 day ago dozen donuts been bringing every Monday doesn't count as my 'snack day' contribution Well guess have rectify oc M Back high school (around 2010 used work closing shift at Dunkin Donuts on Sunday nights. Per company policy could box up two dozen donuts bring home with before throwing rest out. One dozen went with my dad work morning, one came with

Entitled Classmate Gets Raw Potatoes for Snack Day

Free donuts aren't good enough, huh?
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Teacher underestimates students with balloon test | solarmorrigan So. 10th grade English class all come one morning find balloon and perfectly sharpened pencil on each our desks. No instructions, no explanation, which is strange, because our teacher is meticulous about sort thing couple people try ask her and she says get She takes role and then announces she needs go copy room and she'll be back couple minutes

Tumblr Story: Teacher Underestimates Students in Social Experiment

Hey, they're not the worst all the time.
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Guy gets revenge on stealing roommate with a USB trap | Think can steal my stuff and get away with Good luck studying exams with broken laptop Back my first year college used live residence on campus with 3 other dudes. Two them were cool (shout out Bdawg and Al) but third named David had nasty habit taking things weren't his and mysteriously forgetting objects had fallen into his possession.

Student Gets Back at Thieving Roommate with Booby Trap USB

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Professor insists that student puts lengthy essay on one page, so student complies. | r/MaliciousCompliance Join u/Lunatic976 5d 10 3 6 3 4 8 3 1 need long essay on SINGLE page Yes, ma'am. M college sophomore had this professor, Mrs. Wang Religion Studies who would act like her subject should be our top priority. Although came different majors, Religion Studies is just filler subject needed students this Catholic college.

Professor Insists On Lengthy Essay Being On One Page, Students Comply

Tough luck, teach.
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Ways students rebelled at school | posted by Acceptable-Living Last year our school fetched ban on backpacks and bags general since they were apparently safety hazard" two days later some guy my yeargroup comes carrying his books and pencil case microwave. Dude made national news

Ways People Rebelled Against Unfair School Rules

Some rules are dumb.
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students that passed exam get to shave teacher's head

Students Score Well On Test, Cut Teacher's Hair As Prize

This teacher deserves his own prize.
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Teachers describe most unexpected excuses they received from students | kindsoberfullydressd 5h got opposite story teacher lost my homework he marked as he left his shed and got eaten by slugs. He did show slug eaten paper, and gave full marks so wasn't all bad! Reply

Wildest Reasons Students Didn't Complete Assignments

Can't go wrong with the "dog ate the homework" excuse.
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A mean teacher won't believe student, so student takes revenge by reading all the books | r/ProRevenge u/Anonamaton 2y Join 3 Yes, Mrs. Smith can F*CKING read. Hello all! l'm not sure pro my fifth grader ass but this miserable 6-year-period my education still kinda pisses off, even today. Please forgive necessary backstory don't know why, but some reason teachers and administrators who ran my strict Catholic elementary school decided lying about my reading/writing abilities.

Mean Teacher Won't Believe Student, Student Proves Teacher Wrong

Feel kind of bad for Cathy though.
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A collection of the funniest reviews that students left for teachers | helicopterpurple 12h 's two words long devil Twice got twice. Either two students left or one wanted make sure didn't miss Either way whooped out loud and showed all my friends Understand, most my scores are positive, and do care about my students think and doing right by them. But just hit funny devil Reply 319

Funniest Reviews Students Left For Teachers

Students can be ruthless.
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Student turns in essay with joke name for professor | zo Zoeyoxley Follow series unfortunate events: Wers Se Clth es mw 21 Tu ig -FAR100eLECJALL 20 turnitin Aint inbe sigments ass, vw adationel assgnment Welcome new class homepagal cless homepage werraton, subrt work, and acess foectack papes Hover on any hem cias homepage tor mon intomtion Class Homepage Thisa cless homepage o subnt an assignment click on he na buton t ansignet rame Fhe Snt buton ia grayed out no sbniions can be

The Time a Student Got Their Professor's Name Incredibly Wrong

Somehow it worked out.
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Mean teacher loses students' papers, fails half of the class, and proceeds to get fired | r/ProRevenge u/[deleted 273d JOIN Want fail half class because lost our papers? Enjoy early retirement! So this happened during senior year high school 4 years ago had an english teacher named Mrs. Smith. Mrs. Smith, or she liked refer herself, Dr. Smith (she didn't have doctorates mean old bat hated anything and everything. She ugly inside and out.

Teacher Loses Students' Papers, Fails Half Of Class, Enjoys Early Retirement

Good riddance.
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Various things that teachers did that people are still upset about | AnonymouslyRoaster 3d My 6th grade history teacher would clip his toenails class, now have foot phobia. Reply 3.0k

Stunts Teachers Pulled That Still Anger People

Some good old grudges.
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Student takes down a business over a grade | r/ProRevenge Join u/AbortRetrylmplode 3y Nuked business orbit because got D- This revenge story is two years making and is long, so my apologies. Two years ago started distance PhD program. My very first full semester program consisted an intro course which is basically "Welcome back school. Here's do research. Here's do APA citations LOT focused on proper APA writing and one first assignments just doing simple abstract. Okay can do pull out my trusty

Student Nukes Business From Orbit Over A D-

Business had it coming.
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