improbable historical moments that fel like a time traveler did it

Improbable Historical Events That Read Like Time Traveler Intervention

Getting mad time machine vibes over here.
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funny best of nextdoor tweets

Golden Neighbor Moments From Best of Nextdoor

Something thy neighbor.
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twitter reacts food in binders lady

Twitter Responds To Lady Whose Fridge Is A Food Library

Please don't be real please don't be real.
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weird cursed images

Strange And Cursed Images to Pump Up The Weird

Thanks, internet. I guess.
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cave goat tumblr is creepy

Tumblr Thread: Extinct Cold-Blooded Cave Goat Is An Objectively Creepy Animal

Those eyes.
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weird compliments

The Strangest Compliments People Received

"Uh, thanks?"
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Twitter thread story of dad's abandoned plane in India

Twitter Thread: Dude Tells The Tale of The Abandoned Plane At An Indian Airport

What a wild ride.
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weird and funny ways restaurants served food

Absurd And Ridiculous Ways Restaurant Tried Serving Food

Ever drank soup from a shoe?
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bad tv shows people saw

The Worst TV Shows People Have Ever Seen

Television tastes are subjective, sort of.
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stories about things people did only once

Things People Did Once And Will Never Do Again

Caves. Not even once.
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cursed creepy wtf images

Cursed, Creepy and Weird Images To Feel Bad About

Oh what fun.
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twitter thread on history of hardback books in europe

Twitter Thread: Hardback Books Exist Because of Cheese, Snails and Underwear

Oh yeah, obviously, right yes.
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funny weird compliments

The Weirdest Compliments People Recieved

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piracy psa strange lol download funny weird - 107415297

Pro-DVD Anti-Piracy Ad Is Weirdly Lame

"Look at all these fun people enjoying the DVD."
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creepy yet legal things

Things That Are Highly Creepy But Totally Legal

Don't do em, but still.
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nature wtf birds strange hummingbird weird - 107384065

Backyard Is Host To Ludicrous Number Of Hummingbirds

That's like, a whole pound of hummingbirds.
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