'She sounds like a level 99 Karen': Rude Karen completely flips out on retail employee, threatens to fight her outside

'She sounds like a level 99 Karen': Rude Karen completely flips out on retail employee, threatens to fight her outside

Customer service has perhaps never been more wild, and customers are getting creative with how rude they are to employees - who are trying their best to keep their patience.
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Had a guy try walk out on his bill, and when we blocked the exits and threatened to call the cops he tried to pay with Big 5 Sporting Goods receipts

Customer Does Everything to Avoid Paying His Bill At Restaurant, Even Trying to Use Sporting Goods Store Credit

This guy thought of everything under the sun to get out of paying his bill, but his server was not having it.
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funny home depot memes

Home Depot Memes To Come Back To After Forgetting Something

It's not just a store.
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funny pun businesses

48 Funny Pun Business Names That Chose Cleverness

How about a math tutoring center called Quotient Tangentino.
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karen thinks sales rep is an employee, complains to manager about it

Karen Mistakes Dude For Employee, Files Complaint Against Non-Employee

That'll get a lot done.
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incompetent manager cancels closer job, store gets robbed and there's proof it was the manager's fault

Incompetent Manager Gets Rid of Closer, Store Gets Robbed

Gotta lock the place up somehow.
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Karen thinks she's abusing staff, gets told off by fellow customer

Karen Mistakenly Bullies Fellow Customer, Gets Mocked

How the tables turn.
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Karen pushes guy in wheelchair to customer service thinking he is an employee

Mistaken Karen Pushes Fellow Customer's Wheelchair Over to Service Desk

What a piece of work.
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customer service surprising Starbucks awesome coffee Video store tiktok - 2366470

TikToker Exposes Starbucks For Store-Bought Lemonade And Syrups

Ignorance can definitely be bliss.
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snow wife husband lol funny weird store - 106291201

Wife Wants Corndogs, Husband Ends Up On News

So brave.
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Story of a guy who didn't work at Walmart but got "fired" by a manager | r/IDontWorkHereLady Posted by u/mfstevenson1 12 hours ago got fired walmart and never worked there Obligatory on mobile, sorry about any formatting issues! About year ago worked selling solar panel systems. This job required wear khakis and blue polo meeting customers. One particular day, after meeting with homeowner had stop by my local walmart get more pens and notepad my work bag.

Guy Who Didn't Work at Walmart Fired by Walmart Manager

So no harm done?
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bad boss wants to not pay employee, employee quits | u/Sherlock_DaVinci Not qualified promotion, then just do my job oc M Edit: Which TLDR at end few years ago worked furniture stored back store. My job consisted unloading and loading trucks, assembling furniture and placing on main floor store. After around 6 months there, my supervisor announced he resigned meaning his post up grabs had all technical requirements so applied, but they gave job another one my colleagues

Boss Expects Work Without Pay, Gets What He Pays For

Great plan, dude.
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Guy gets manager fired because he knows the rules | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by PunkThug There an attempt fire malicious compliance. Long-time lurker first time poster. Apologize being on mobile s very long story, and TL;DR at bottom

Manager Tries to Fire Guy for Following The Rules, It Backfires

It helps to know the guidelines.
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Kid poses as Walmart Employee wearing neon yellow vest | Posted by u/GreenKeel 16 hours ago 14 2 O 9 L@17 3 11 TIFU by getting lifetime ban Walmart. My friend and are both high school, and been hanging out lot over winter break. Today were especially bored, and suggested going Walmart look around. After little while got bored too. Then an idea hit us back my car have 2 neon yellow vests. They seemed match style vest employees parking lot were wearing, so naturally donned vests and posed as

Kid Infiltrates Walmart By Wearing Neon Vest

A yellow vest is the key to the city.
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bad customer kicked out by employee who calls self manager | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/luridfox 16 hours ago 5 2 2 3 7 At closing time am still manager oc M So 19 at time and shift supervisor at local sub shop (Planet Sub This my first supervisory/managerial position and shy and generally insecure at time am amazed had gall do this be fair had been LONG day, and had second job would give more hours if wanted charge closing store and had had couple staff call leaving and two workers deal

Entitled Customer Comes In After Close, Kicked Out By "Manager"

And stay out.
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Karen in store refuses to leave, gets picked up and removed.

Karen Gets Lifted Out of Store

Karen did not want to move, but move she did.
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