12 text images roommate story boyfriend allergic reaction to honey | thumbnail grey background text "well, yesterday I got back home from work, and my roommate wasn't home. I didn't question it and moved on with my day. A few hours later I heard the front door open, and a few moments later my roommate enters my room and just starts yelling at me say I could've killed her boyfriend and how I am irresponsible"

Roommate's Boyfriend Has Allergic Reaction After Stealing Woman's Leftovers, Ludicrousness Ensues

Good old roommate fun.
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pro revenge marriage stealing relationships divorce revenge - 16180997

Wife Steals From Clients and Husband, Turns Fugitive, He Tracks Her Down

Don't f&^k with a man's Star Wars toys.
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aita stealing gaming relationships dating - 16071173

Guy Devastated After Entitled Fiancée Steals His Dead Brother's Gaming Chair to Fund Her Gym Membership

This chick is high on the crazy scale.
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aita marriage stealing relationships partner - 16015365

Deadbeat Husband Steals Wife's Prized Jewellery Set, Gives it Away as a Wedding Present

What an absolute piece of trash.
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family member tries to get house sitter to pay utilities bill | Posted by u/22022004 AITA refusing pay bills house house-sitted month ago Not hole don't really think asshole this situation but family member, her boyfriend and her mum sure do. Although fact family member recently lost her job due pandemic does make feel like being an AH little less than month ago decided house sit family member and her boyfriend week while they were going see their parents knew wasn't get

Entitled Family Demands House Sitter Pay Their Utilities Bill

That's not part of the deal
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Neighbor steals man's water and power, so man hatches a brilliant revenge. | r/ProRevenge u/OlderSparky 1d Join 1 2 12 e 10 3 24 1 8 13 NaCI NacI NaCI NaCl, hey hey hey, goodbye Sparkies Tale This is bit read, hey title will make sense at some stage promise explain some stuff as go, but as always, there's Glossary at end. Some years ago working FiFo (Fly Fly Out) at mine.

Neighbor Steals Man's Power And Water, Nuclear Revenge Ensues

Bill shouldn't have played games.
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FAIL stealing cringe ridiculous Video thief - 106330625

Porch Pirate Gets Caught Red-Handed, Attempts To Flee, Gets Stuck In Snow

This ain't it, man.
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stupid gas thieves accidentally steal kerosene and ruin car

Incompetent Gas Thieves Seal Their Own Fate

Some problems sort themselves out.
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Employee catches managers stealing, and they end up getting big raise | r/RegularRevenge u/ifallupthestairsalot 317d Join Caught managers stealing, got hefty raise! Regular This happened few years ago 16 got my first job working franchise owned pizza place worked there until 24 19 received shift leader and got 30 cent raise. Our store pretty slow and only had handful employees there, so understood. One day franchise owner comes running my shift tell l would be getting new manager franchise owner

Employee Catches Managers Stealing, Gets Nice Raise

All in a day's work.
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wtf stealing absurd lol ridiculous entitled dumb stupid choosing beggar - 15708933

Desperate Entitled Customer Tries To Steal Video, Gets Hung Out To Dry

All this for not that much money.
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A funny Tumblr thread about how people steal stuff by having complete confidence.

Tumblr Thread: Ridiculous Cons People Pull Off Through Complete Confidence

Confidence takes those conmen a long way.
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nephew steals from uncle, uncle refuses to pay 40K of college money

Thief Nephew Steals His Way Out of College Money

Not so well-played, bruh.
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stolen wtf stealing theif phone motorcyle - 107519745

Dude's Phone Gets Stolen By Guy On Motorcycle While He's Livestreaming

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roommates, stealing, caught, aita, bad roommate stories

Woman Kicks Her Roommate Out After She Finds That She Had Been Stealing From Her

Woman kicks her roommate out after she steals from her.
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roommate steals food is allergic to peanuts, demands payment

Roommate Steals Food, Has Allergic Reaction, Demands Payment For EpiPen

Good luck with that one.
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woman steals man's dog because it's wearing a muzzle

Mistaken Stranger Tries To Liberate Dude's Muzzled Dog

Oh boy.
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