Take the stairs, not the elevator. Great for your health, and for a makeshift workout when you're stuck at home, just make sure to take them one at a time, you wouldn't want to trip over some of these multi-leveled puns.

Guy playing song from Star Wars on trumpet sounds great in stairwell.

Guy Plays "The Force Theme" from Star Wars In Stairwell With Incredible Acoustics

Let's just record albums in stairwells.
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design fails

25 Moronic Design Failures That Will Make Your Idiot-Senses Tingle

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Stupid Construction Fails

A Further 30 Completely Stupid Construction Fails

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bad design fails

25 Awful Designs that Escaped Better Judgement

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Construction Fails

30 More Totally Idiotic Construction Fails

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funny design fails

18 Failed Designs That Could Use Some Work

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FAIL urinal stairs construction concrete disabled sink toilet building sidewalk - 4912389

30 Completely Brainless Construction Fails

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Music FAIL stairs Video - 785156

Winter Wonderlands Can Become Hilarious and Brutal Slip 'N Slides

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The Entrance for the Disabled, Assuming You're Also a Cyborg

disabled stairs sign - 7952290048
By Unknown

Cheers... To the Ground

Via iGulfam

Stepping Up Your Art

Stepping Up Your Art
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game show FAIL stairs TV Video - 81056513

These Slippery Stairs on a Japanese Game Show are No Joke

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stairs Video - 80348417

Smart Dog Uses Human for a Piggyback Ride up the Stairs

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Welcome to Hogwards

FAIL stairs construction classic - 8606472960
By Snake73

A Cold, Brew World

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bicycle stairs trick Video win - 74437633

How An Expert Overcomes Stairs on a Bicycle

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