puke dumb idea FAIL spicy peppers Video - 82859265

Newsflash: Taking a Huge Bong Rip of Carolina Reaper is Not a Great Idea

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FAIL vape spicy peppers Video - 82860289

This Guy is About to Take Vape Nation to the Spiciest Level with a Carolina Reaper

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professional FAIL bad idea spicy pepper Video - 82677761

Watching These Professionals Struggle After Eating a Frankenstein Carolina Reaper is All You Need to See To See You Never Try One Yourself

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news school hot FAIL spicy Video - 82425345

How Not To Make Friends in the First Week of School: Dare a Dozen Students to Eat a Carolina Reaper Pepper

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regrets spicy food Video - 82260737

After Deciding to Chow Down on the Spiciest Noodles in the World, This Guy Has Some Sweaty Regrets

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Nando's Knows How to Spice Up Your Date

funny facebook image guy complains about spicy food on nandos facebook
Via Nando's
regrets hot FAIL spicy pepper Video - 72822529

Eat a Carolina Reaper, the Hottest Pepper? Solid Plan Says This Only 9-Year Old

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The Science of Spiciness

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ouch spicy pepper oh god why Video - 71584513

Reaction of the Day: Boy Eats Ghost Pepper and Thinks He’s Going to Die

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burrito gross spicy food - 70800129

Taking a Bite From the World's Hottest Burrito. It Doesn't End Well.

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Some People Have a Very Different Idea of a Proper Funeral

spicy funeral rip - 8478997248
By ComposedInsanity

Writing a Check Your Tush(hole) Can't Cash

Via I Heart Chaos

This Model's Privates Have Probably Seen Better Days

ouch twitter spicy failbook - 8437502464
Via chrissyteigen

A Good Way to Lose Friends Forever

bad idea spicy prank - 8403517696
Via Acid Cow
science spicy temperature - 66738689

Why Can You Taste Temperature?

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1000 People, 1000 Ghost Chilies, a Whole Load of Pain

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