Pass the soap, just don't drop it, probably slippery.

The "Perks" of the Job

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Always Keep a Bottle in Your Bathroom

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Guaranteed to Work

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The Germ Antidote is in the Moldy Fridge

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It's as Necessary as Soap

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Clean Yourself With Beer

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Always Worth Having on Hand

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Apparently That's a Problem

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It Smells Like Rampant Commercialism

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Soap Made With Guinness

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"Larry! Come Quick! Someone Finally Got the Joke!"

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To the Designer of This Soap Dispenser: I Salute You

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Avoid Smelling Like Bantha Poodoo With This Soap

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The Streets of Tokyo Get a Little Bath After 40 Liters of Soap Go Down the Toilet

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It'll Never Drop the Soap Again

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We All Make Mistakes in Life

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