Pass the soap, just don't drop it, probably slippery.

AITA because I make my wife dig through the trash.

Wife Doesn’t Like Husband Bringing Dirt Into the House but Refuses To Give Him Soap To Clean Himself, Soap Opera Ensues!

At first, you might read this and assume the husband is ungrateful and wrong, but on second thought, he's actually way too patient for his own good.
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Funny random tumblr memes | -am--fish everytime stay at hotel take bite out soap bar confuse cleaning staff damaramegido hey op real quick Actual fuck transselkie Hey op do realize by actually biting chunk fucking soap are fact one losing karo-chic y'all are just jealous op is brave enough monch on forbidden chocolate am--fish living dragon-hated-art does forbidden chocolate taste like -am--fish soap | neutraldankhotel eats 100 ears corn two hours am corn king cannot be outcorned eats 101 ears

Various Tumblr Gems to Keep the Day Moving

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revenge on bad roommate

Dude Shreks His Terrible Roommate in Tale of Epic Revenge

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life hacks and tricks that work

18 Tricks That People Were Flabbergasted Actually Worked

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industry mayonnaise news house diamonds Economics millennials soap hooters avocado clothes business - 6859781

14 Things Millennials Are Killing

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forbidden snacks inedible things that look tasty

25+ Scrumptious Looking Items That Are Not Cool to Eat

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millennials laundry

Pissed Millenial Tumblr User Actually Does Kill Laundry Industry

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food advertisement secrets

15 Nauseating Food Advertising Secrets

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twitter men FAIL soap masculinity women skin - 4802821

Turns Out Tons of Guys Are Washing Their Faces With Dish Soap

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rose soap Japan Flower Video win - 133638

A Soap By Any Other Shape Would Clean as Sweet

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Clean Until Your First Time

packaging FAIL soap - 8817376768
Via winken106217

A Squeaky Clean Pun

laundry puns soap - 8812516864
Via Nowicki

Gotta Love That New Car Smell

Via Tumblr

Time to Get Stressed Again

Via Lookslikereign

We Call it Solution-eering!

Via Rodarte562
beer awesome soap funny Video after 12 - 69560577

Wash Yourself, With Beer!

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