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‘I don’t want to be responsible for a brain injury': Avid skier snubs his reckless cousin after they neglect basic safety measures

It's snow season again and you know what that means– city slickers wearing jeans on the lift, clogging up the bunny slopes, and tearing apart the moguls. For an avid skier or snowboarder, there's always a love-hate relationship with the newbies. While we're happy that others are interested in a snow sport, it can get a little dangerous on the mountain when the new kids on the block are trying to get Insta-famous and spiraling out of control.
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Sure! Call the land owner

'She... demanded I be "banned for life"': Snowboarding teen tells a Karen to 'call the land owners'

This woman was incensed that a teenager would dare to snowboard around her, but she didn't know who she was speaking to. Snow sports can be a great source of entertainment during the winter months. Instead of being cooped up inside, you can head to a ski slope or mountainous area and strap on your skis or snowboard . It's a wonderful way to get some fresh air, exercise, and adrenaline. Naturally, many trails for snowboarding or skiing are public areas — you have to share the space. This Karen a…
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"Sure! Call the land owner!'

'I'm calling the land owners!': Furious Karen demands snowboarding teen be 'banned for life,' until she realizes who owns the property

This infuriated woman vowed, "I'm going to get you in sooo much trouble !" to a baffled 13-year-old snowboarder . Some entitled folks just don't understand the concept of sharing. It's one of the most basic rules of humanity, yet some people just want everything for themselves. This woman couldn't bear the thought of sharing land with a snowboarder — she should have known how ridiculous that is! As the OP writes, they just wanted to snowboard on their family's property. However, a Karen decided…
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funny snowskating cat video

Guys Go Extra Hard on Snowskating Cat Video

They definitely went for it.
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snowboarding jump video snowboarders do cool tricks in a new event.

The X Games "Knuckle Huck" Event is Flippin' Sweet

It lets snowboarders get a little more creative.
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finding out you're not as good as you thought

19 Activities People Thought They Were Good at Before Being Humbled

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That Hurt Just Watching It

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Olympics tweets

15 Funniest Tweets of The Winter Olympics

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FAIL stephen king snowboarding extreme goofy olympics - 4787717

Olympics Viewers Are Having A Nightmare Deciphering Snowboarding Jargon

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Video of a few guys trying to snowboard for the first time is full of cringe.

The Struggle's Painfully Real For These Guys Trying To Snowboard For The First Time

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My Dude Over Here Impaled His Lip On A Branch While Skiing and Seems Pretty Ok About It

Fail natty hagood impales face on branch skiing
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FAIL snowboarding sheep Video - 85402881

Snowboarder Bro Wipes Out Into Sheep, Experiences Instant Karma In The Form of Getting Rammed For Mistake

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Sick Moves, Bro

gifs snowboarding BAMF trick - 8395028992
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clouds win Video snowboarding - 82735105

It's a Little Early for Snowboarding So This Pro Took His Snowboard for a Spin on the Clouds

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Landing that Pow

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Shredding 10

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