Viral: Man creates insane Snack Food Tomb for Hot Cheetos

Viral Video: Man creates massive snack food tomb for bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos

In 2022, one man undertook a project that will forever change how future civilizations see us. Well, maybe - if they dig up his carefully preserved bag of Hot Cheetos.
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26 images of nostalgic 90s junk foods | thumbnail left trix yogurt yellow and pink, thumbnail right pink and blue kool aid packages

Delectable Dump Of 90s Junk Food Nostalgia Goodness

Who else misses the 90s
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Funny forbidden snacks that look like food but aren't | things that look like food but are inedible pringle on a bathtub edge | tree trunk folded into itself Cinnamon Stick

Delicious Looking Things that Aren't Actually Food

"Is that a Pringle or a sponge?"
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nostalgic discontinued foods

Discontinued Foods That People Miss With A Passion

May we meet again someday.
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misleading and deceptive products

Deceptive Products Designed By Real Jerkwads

Wow, delicious air.
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forbidden snacks and objects that look like food but aren't

Things That Look Like Tasty Treats But Aren't

Mops never looked so good.
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stuff that looks like tasty food but isn't

Tasty-Looking Temptations That Look Like Food But Aren't

Why does everything in life have to look so delicious?
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Classmate brings donuts and a snack day is started, for revenge the classmate brings raw potatoes | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/rook218 1 day ago dozen donuts been bringing every Monday doesn't count as my 'snack day' contribution Well guess have rectify oc M Back high school (around 2010 used work closing shift at Dunkin Donuts on Sunday nights. Per company policy could box up two dozen donuts bring home with before throwing rest out. One dozen went with my dad work morning, one came with

Entitled Classmate Gets Raw Potatoes for Snack Day

Free donuts aren't good enough, huh?
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nostalgic snacks from the 90s and 2000s | fruitopia 20-oz plastic bottle beverage non-carbonated. utintegration weis.ce | ORIG CLERRT ALTOIDS CURIOUSLY STRONG MANGO SOURS PRESS

Nostalgic Snacks from the 90s and 00s

Our teeth were never the same.
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Things that are not food but look like food |  New type kiwi Tespri Green Neteland 4030 400-8201 Zaspri round chunky dog that looks like a fuzzy fruit | slice of chair padding cut out like cake

Inedible Objects that Look Like Tasty Food

Save room for chair cake.
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Snackers rank their favorite Chex Mix pieces | TERRELL @terrellgrice 1. Rye Chip (controversial, provocative, delicious) 2. Corn Chex crunch sumthin serious) 3. Wheat Chex (yum) 4. Square Pretzel (cool) 5. Circle Pretzel mean ok, but see #4) 6. Mini Breadstick (get thee behind Satan)

Snackers Rank Their Favorite Chex Mix Pieces

A new thing to debate, yay.
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Objects that look like food but are not food | clear box of pink and yellow ear plugs that look like gummy candies | PENNZOIL WHEEL BEARING RED GREASE jam ice cream sorbet

Inedible but Delicious Looking Objects

Mmmmm earplugs.
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Guy on Twitter traces the electric origins of Triscuit | Sage Boggs @sageboggs OK, buckle up wanna talk about Triscuit. Tris cuit NABISCO Baked with 100% Whole Grain Wheat Triscuit ENLARGED T0 SHOW DETAIL SERVING Top with herbed cheese, tomatoes parsley SUGGESTION starts with 3 Simple Ingredients ORIGINAL MADE WITH SEA SALT PER 6 CRACKERS 120 0.5 CALORIES DIETS RICH WHOLE GRAIN FOODS OTHER PLANT FOODS LOW SATURATED FAT CHOLESTEROL, MAY HELP REDUCE RISK HEART DISEASE. 160ng SODIUM SAT FAT SUGARS

Guy On Twitter Traces Electric Origins Of Triscuit

Electrifying realization.
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Stuff that looks like food but is not | schnetzle 10 3 realized something today orange red white clear dice plastic cup of fruit salad punch with cherries and orange fruits

Stuff That Looks Like Food but Isn't

Like really don't eat these.
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pics tasty snacks silly food forbidden delicious funny stupid - 9804549

Stuff That Looks like Tasty Food but Isn't

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Objects that look like food but aren't.

25 Delicious Looking Things That Aren't Food

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