Ready to take the plunge? Skydiving is an incredible sport and adrenaline-fueled past time. So soar down through these jokes and puns and keep your chute at the ready.

stall scary skydiving wtf Terrifying plane Video - 107589377

The Scary Moment A Plane Stalls Just As Skydivers Are About To Jump

Hey, at least they had parachutes.
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cool optical illusion pics

17 Optically Challenging Pics of Weird Perspective

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Logan Paul went skydiving and his first parachute failed to open, and the internet has jokes.

Logan Paul's Parachute Failed To Open During Skydiving And Internet's Got Jokes

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catapult base jumping whee Video skydiving g rated win - 70614273

Having a Little Fun With a Human Catapult

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skydiving whee Video airplane - 70186753

Taking a Dive Out of a Flying Fortress

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skydiving GoPro whee Video - 70064385

When a Camera Falls Off During a 3000 Meter Drop, Things Get Crazy

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skydiving proposal wedding engagement Video - 68686337

A Marriage Proposal at Several Thousand Feet

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skydiving close call oh god why fail nation - 68595969

Close Calls Don't Get Any Closer Than This

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skydiving GoPro whee Video g rated win - 68511233

Here's What it Looks Like to Skydive in Formation

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skydiving whoops phone selfie - 8387144448
Via Acid Cow
skydiving stunt BAMF Video - 66184961

57 Skydivers Pull Off an Unbelievable Feat in the Air

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skydiving whee Video iphone - 64724225

The New iPhone Doesn't Take Force Very Well, but it's Actually Pretty Alright After Taking a Skydiving Trip

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Has NASA's Budget Really Plummeted This Hard?

BAMF skydiving - 8306982400
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skydiving close call Video - 64008193

After a Terrifying Mid-Air Collision, These Skydivers Somehow Make it Out Unscathed

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skydiving BAMF Video - 62972417

Get Ready, We're Doing a Water Landing

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Sky Pirates Will Liberate You From Your Shoes

skydiving shoes gifs BAMF - 8270686720
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