sketchy awesome ridiculous scam Video win - 107487233

Woman Steers Clear Of Classic Car Flipper Scam By Bringing Mechanic Friend Along

Things are not what they appear to be.
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An informative Tumblr post about the importance of serving customers exactly what they order.

Tumblr Thread On Importance Of Serving Customers What They Order

It can be life-threatening.
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An important Tumblr post about the importance of serving customers what they ask for.

Vegan Girl Gets Served Real Burger, Ignites Important Educational Tumblr Thread

Best to respect those specialized orders.
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A collection of the biggest red flags that men ended up ignoring about women.

Biggest Red Flags That Men Ignored About Women

Best to acknowledge those red flags.
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A collection of the most elaborate scams that people ever ended up falling for.

The Most Elaborate Scams People Fell For

These scammers need to give it a rest.
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business tries to "overlook" paying freelancer, calls him shyster

Sketchy Business Gets Called Out, Accuses Freelancer of Being a "Shyster"

What kind of no-effort Jedi Mindtrickery is this?
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sketchy shady bank FAIL wells fargo ridiculous tiktok - 2524934

Man Makes Deposit At Wells Fargo, Learns Whole Wells Fargo Branch Left Unlocked

Someone must've been having a tough day.
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A company continually demands their password from tech support, tech support can't comply, wild revelation ensues.

Company Continually Demands Password, Tech Support Says No, Wild Revelation Ensues

They got so lucky.
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Home inspectors describe the worst things that almost escaped their inspections altogether.

Horrible Things Home Inspectors Almost Didn't Notice

Seriously, way too close for comfort.
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crazy sketchy surprising bears ridiculous dangerous Video animals tiktok - 2350598

Woman Yeets Bear Off Fence To Save Dogs

Honestly, heroic.
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An interesting Tumblr post about how the cults are coming.

Tumblr Thread: The Cults Are Coming

Oh boy, buckle on up.
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Dude accidentally takes pro revenge on a shady landlord.

Tenant Rents Fake Apartment, Accidentally Takes Pro Revenge

Masterful work.
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Man's boss fires him after he requests day off for concert, so he takes his boss to court | r/ProRevenge u/Vicodingh 1d Join 1 sued my boss because he fired wanting attend concert. Good afternoon everybody stumbled on this post! First up, some backstory, During my gap year between studies decided work Company N. Company N run by husband

Man Requests Day Off For Concert, Boss Fires Him, Man Takes Boss To Court

Karen barked up the wrong tree.
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sketchy viral videos stealing cringe ridiculous Video thief tiktok - 2118406

TikTok Video Shows Amazon Delivery Driver Take Package

Straight up busted.
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A garage owner tries to screw over a Grandpa, and Grandpa decides to buy guy's garage. | r/ProRevenge u/ROKexpat 10h Join 3 4 my Grandpa became owner gas station/garage My family immigrated America 1880s and settled Nebraska were farmers first 80 years or so, but back 1960s my Great Grandma decided she going sell entire farm before she died and simply give her sons 1/3 money inheritance she passed (she had 3 sons 1969 my Great Grandma passed, and her 3 sons inherited money she had earned selling

Garage Owner Tries To Screw Over Grandpa, Grandpa Buys Garage

Earl thought he was ready for the big leagues.
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job interview red flags that show that the workplace is bad | DragonsLoooveTacos 3 days ago 4 3 2 This actually happened Interviewer: Do have any questions us is challenge this department has recently faced? Interviewer: Job security

Biggest Red Flags People Got During Job Interviews

Sometimes the position isn't worth it.
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