brother-in-law demands food be brought to him, gets it on child toy dishes

Childish Brother-In-Law Demands To Be Treated Like Lord, Gets Dinner On Toy Dishes

Bon Appetit.
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aita siblings parenting entitled sister Reddit - 16631557

Entitled Sister Drops Her Kids Off For Unscheduled Babysitting, So Sibling Drops Them Off At a Daycare, Forces Sister to Pay

What would you do if your sister dropped her kids by unannounced when you had important obligations to attend?
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boyfriend aita drama brother siblings relationships sister trust fiancee dating betrayal - 16455173

Insane Brother Puts a Hidden Tracking App on His Fiancée's Phone, Sister Wants to Tell Her

Is it worse that her boyfriend is the one helping her brother?
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aita marriage brother relationships family sister children dating - 16378117

Sister Reveals Brother's Four Illegitimate Children to Fiancé, Ruins Engagement

How many "accidents" can you have?
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karens funny texts text in-law entitled family sister texting karen - 16343557

Insane Sister-In-Law Goes Full Karen, Wants to Assess Boat Pre-Purchase For Her Own Personal Use

"But we're family! You have to let us take it out when you're not using it!"
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aita bride sisters parenting wedding sister bridezilla Reddit weddings children - 16310789

Bride Loses it When Sister Brings Her "Child" to Bride's Childfree Wedding, That Child is 19 Years Old

Since when is 19 years old a child?
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aita relationship lying relationships dating sister - 16248069

Insane Woman Lies, Leaves 5 Year Old Stepson Alone, Blames Her Sister For Not Coming Over to Watch Him

What is she up to?
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aita relationship relationships family sister dating - 16236293

Woman Kicks Her Younger Sister Out After She Hooks Up With Her Friend's Ex

This week on "Maury".
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behavior frustrating school annoying smart family sister genius - 16170757

Gifted Sister Gets Wake-Up Call On Her Rudeness

Who would think that separating kids in school by reading level could result in some of those kids becoming huge jerks to their own peers? Kids are all basically sociopaths anyway, so giving a talented one a tangible reason to be an ass isn't exactly gonna help their social development in the long run. The internet weighed in on this sibling giving their sister the straight facts about her attitude toward other people. For another one like this, here's the condescending genius brother who final…
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12 reddit text images surrounding family argument |  thumbnail "r/Amlthe hole u/dearlyohwow• 20h 20 2 16 16 AITA for asking my sister and BIL to move out after three years of supporting them after family tragedy? Not the A-hole About 3 years ago, my sister and her husband lost their three young children in a really bad car accident. My sister barely survived but pulled through. They had two daughters who were 8 and 6 and a 3 year old son. I won't go into specifics surrounding the accident "

Woman Supports Sister And BIL For Three Years Post Family Tragedy, Outrage Ensues As They Are Asked To Leave

Three years of complete financial and emotional support later
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aita graduate sister college - 15354885

Conflict Grows Between Sisters When the Elder Can't Pay For Her Sister's Grad School

Younger sister upset that older sister can't pay her grad school
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12 reddit text images aita for telling SIL that daughter is like father | thumbnail "Posted by u/middleagedluny8278 1 day ago AITA for telling my "SIL" that her daughter is like her father?Chloe was crying and I was raging. What the hell is wrong with a 19 year old who bullies a 14 year old? I told Lucy her words were inappropriate, and she laughed and replied "it's the truth" and that "she has to learn eventually".

Sister Compares Teenage Niece To Convict Brother After Niece Bullies Her Daughter, An Unfortunate Family Reunion

No toleration for bully behavior
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11 text based reddit images inheritance AITA for only niece | thumbnail blue background "My sister has two children (13f & 5m). The 13 yo is from her previous relationship, the 5 yo from her current husband. My niece's father skipped out on them and my sister had a rough time of it, so I helped them out early on. Her husband is well off so they're set now, but it's become very obvious to me over the years that he wishes my niece weren't in their lives."

Uncle With Terminal Illness Chastised For Leaving Inheritance For Niece But Not Nephew

It's the entitlement for us
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aita siblings babysitting family sister parents - 15969029

Adult Sibling Refuses to Put Up With Her Spoiled Brother and Entitled Parents

When the kid is more mature than the adults.
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guy borrows wife's money for sisters wedding dress and doesn't get it back

Dude Loans Sister 5K Of His Wife's Money, Doesn't Get It Back

Why'd you go and do that, bud?
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9 reddit text images discussion | thumbnail "r/entitledparents + Join u/throwingstars03r5 · 6h 1 1 Entitled sister demands I take her children to Disney with me and my girlfriend despite knowing it's a secret proposal trip....My sister knows i'm proposing as she helped me pick out the Ring and she was very supportive until she found out where I was planning to propose, she doesn't approve of it as we're not kids and has stated that as we're not Children"

Entitled Mom Demands Sis Take Her Kids To Disney Despite Knowing It's A Secret Proposal Trip

Shooketh to the utmost degree
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