11 text reddit images cousin karen refuses to let man shower | thumbnail grey background "A Posted by u/-DukeFishron- 6 hours ago 605 Cheapskate cousin refuses to let me take shower, no problem, l'Il use more water in the sink.Tonight I was going to take a navy shower when my cousin, I'll call her Karen. Blocked the entrance to the bathroom and said, you either you a washcloth under your arms or no getting in here."

Cheapskate Karen Tells Cousin He Can't Shower To Save Money, He Uses Sink Instead

Well that's one way of handling things
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stories of brutal ways parents tried teaching kids

Extreme Examples of "Sink-or-Swim" Parenting

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Stupid Construction Fails

A Further 30 Completely Stupid Construction Fails

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The Sink Sunk

Via lebensmuede
Construction Fails

30 More Totally Idiotic Construction Fails

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funny design fails

19 Design Fails That We Didn't Deserve

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FAIL urinal stairs construction concrete disabled sink toilet building sidewalk - 4912389

30 Completely Brainless Construction Fails

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The Most Important Sink In The World

Via bitsandpieces

They're Such a Supportive Team

duct tape faucet holding it up plumbing sink - 4644289024

Loop the loop!

pipe PVC sink water - 3277800448
Created by Cyberkedi

Whole Cats Are Totally OK Though

labs sink - 6421357056
Created by afig110610

Whaddya Mean There's An Easier Way To Do This?

bottled water faucet sink two liter - 2910739712
Created by Unknown

Stow And Go Hygiene

bathroom duct tape sink - 2912926464
Created by Bexcina

Damn Those Sinks

lab sink science idiots funny - 8368723200
Via ASAP Science

Two Lefts Don't Make a Right

duct tape faucet plumbing sink - 4577233664
Created by Unknown

Together At Last

sink tied together wtf - 4276193536
Created by Jimster
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