A manager forces their employee to get a sick note even though it's illegal to do so, so the doctor maliciously complies.

Manager Forces Employee To Get Sick Note Even Though It's Illegal, Doctor Maliciously Complies

Well played by the doctor.
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AskReddit replies to people's best fake sick advice | pug wrapped up on a blanket post by berks99 If hang head off bed upside down will sound very congested!

People's Best "Fake Sick" Advice

Never know when a fake sick day might be absolutely necessary.
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Bike shop employee ruins his boss's Christmas by standing up to him and taking sick days

Boss Doesn't Allow Sick Days, Employee Stands Up To Him And Ruins His Christmas

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School administration demands a kid with cancer take a Spanish test, so the teacher makes it super easy and everyone passes.

School Demands Kid With Cancer Take Final, Teacher Does Him a Solid

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Sick guy's school requires him to show up to test or fail, so he shows up and looks awful.

Sick Dude, Shows Up Looking Scary Sick, After Being Told Attendance For Final Test Is Mandatory

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signs that a restaurant serves bad food

23 Red Flags to Look for to Avoid Miserable Restaurants

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intimidating signs

22 Intimidating Signs That Are Scarier than They Should Be

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Worst Physical Pain

17 People Share the Worst Physical Pain They've Ever Experienced

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doctors and nurses talk about stupid patients

15 Healthcare Professionals Share The Dumbest Things They've Had To Explain To Patients

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Insane Stories From People Who Endured Long Stays In the Hospital

20 Insane Stories From People Who Endured Long Stays In the Hospital

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Sickening Bowels

twitter FAIL sick football college - 1294341

Watch This Quarterback Fumble After His Running Back Projectile Vomits All Over the Field

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The Cutest Get Well Card Any Daughter Could Have Written

funny parenting image daughter makes cute get well card for dad in hospital
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twitter adele sick Video - 132102

Chelsea Peretti Spoofing Adele’s Sick Apology Video is Your New Inspiration For Calling in Sick

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Is Something Dong, Or is That a Typo?

FAIL sick sexy times spelling - 8752359424
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Rub Some Dirt On It

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