Collection of good deals for Cyber Monday from the Fail Blog store.

10 Cyber Monday Deals You Can't Afford To Pass Up

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Thirsty guys harass a mom modeling clothes so much that Ebay decides to intervene.

Thirsty Dudes Harass Mom Modeling Clothes So Much That Ebay Intervenes

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Crazy Craigslist moments that are full of awkwardness and funny cringe moments.

Insane Craigslist Moments That'll Make You Squirm and Laugh Uncontrollably

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Oblivious mom leaves hilarious review for a sex product she thought was a kid's toy.

Oblivious Mom Leaves Glowing Review For a Sex Toy She Mistook as Toy For Her Kids

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shopping adulting - 1974277

10 Clutch Products That’ll Kickstart Your Uphill Battle With Adulting

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shopping food - 1803781

Can You Live Off the Free Samples at Costco, Because These People Can

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fashion shopping - 1742085

Nordstrom's Will Make Shoppers Weak in the Knees With These Stupid New Jeans

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shopping ikea dating - 1654533

Miserable Boyfriend Makes Harrowing Trip to IKEA With Girlfriend Infinitely Better With Dead-Pan Humor Photo Diary

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amazon shopping ebay - 1644805

People Are Sharing Their Online Shopping Nightmares and They're Hilarious

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shopping twitter FAIL - 1251589

Everyone Loves the Moment Your Online Shopping Arrives, But Around the Holidays Getting You What You Ordered isn't So Simple

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Trying to Make it Through Black Friday

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It's Every Smart Car for Himself

black friday It's Every Smart Car for Himself
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cockatoo birds shopping Video - 83512577

After Watching This Video, You'll Never Take a Cockatoo Shopping Again

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FAIL shopping conversation Target funny dating - 1099525

Guy Shows What Happens When You're Late to Pick Your Wife up From Target

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Yay. Shopping.

kids shopping shopping cart expression parenting - 8322368000
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twitter shopping Video dating - 594948

Every Girl is Beyoncé if You Don't Treat Her Right

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