Funny and weird posts of people trying to sell strange tings online | Unopened PETER PAN P 1 viewed per hour 1/8 Pere Pan CREAMY Unopened PETER PAN PEANUTBUTTER JAR w 2111 code 2007 Salmonella scare 211.10 Free Shipping Ships United States 16 watchers Buy Now Add cart or Rest Offer | Modified dorito chip $28 Listed over week ago Casper, WY Send seller message Is this still available? Send II

Bizarre Junk People Tried Selling Online

Who could pass up such an unbeatable offer?
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funny and weird items people posted for sale online | Lord Rings Hot Cheeto Gandalf | Croc spurs Yee haw throw crocs 4x4 mode and add sum spurs. Available multitude colors

Weird Junk People Posted For Sale Online

Someone's gotta have it.
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Weird things people tried to sell online | Ride on lawn mower, as new $700 plastic chair on top of a sheep | Retail Stores Other Retail Store Ads 1/2 BLOCKBUSTER MEMBERSHIP CARD Vintage Blockbuster Membership Card $2,000.00 Ships United States Buy Now Add cart or Best Offer

Weird and Dumb Stuff People Tried Selling Online

From garbage, to trash, to artistic garbage, to mislabeled trash!
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A collection of bizarre ads from Facebook's online marketplace. | PS2 PS3 PlayStation consoles taped together making a PS5 being sold for $500

Wacky Offerings From Facebook's Online Marketplace

Eh, going to pass on that particular PS5.
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Lowballer tells seller they don't know who Stan Lee is | Hey is this guy selling signed comic? Yeah got only one selling at moment is up 800. But if do direct could maybe knock $100 off. Are based nearby? Wut expect pay $700 Just cos 's signed by some dude? Um yeah do s an X-Men comic 70s 's signed by Stan Lee and Chris Claremont. They aren't just some dude. And 's about pay US Dollars one

Lowballer Says They Don't Know Who Stan Lee Is

Nice try, dude.
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strange junk people tried selling online and craigslist | CR CellBrokerage PS4 Thermostat Simulator Ps5 game $15 | Rare corner screw $1,000 Listed 7 hours ago Avondale, AZ e Seller prefers door drop off or pick up. Learn More E Get Local Delivery. Learn More Send seller message

Weird and Dumb Junk People Tried Selling Online

Everyone wants to make a buck.
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Weird things posted to sell online | Casket grill $500 Sold Listed 3 days ago Spencer | cooker-washer Contact seller Selling this combi cooker-washer anyone interested Serious offers only no time wasters please gas stove on top of a washing machine

Ridiculous Junk People Tried Selling Online

Never seen one of those before.
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Funny and weird items for sale online | Bears Egg Macclesfield, England Genuine one kind and extremely rare find. Usually bears lay their eggs their caves and incubate them over winter until little cubs hatch. Sadly this egg got left behind nest. Very rare find one these still intact | Mini boat

Strange and Dumb Junk People Tried Selling Online

One person's trash is another person's garbage.
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Weird, stupid and funny stuff people posted for sale online | $1,500 Gold coin sale least want is 1500 Fort Worth, TX | Single Person Couch $25 facebook marketplace online shopping

Weird Stuff People Tried to Sell Online

Want a limited edition pickle or defunct McDonald's Playplace?
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funny and weird things people tried selling online and on craigslist | Post Pizza crust Message $5 O Spruce Grove, AB Bought an XL pizza hate crust so want sell someone who enjoys Looking get some my money back 5, can't deliver. Thanks Comes with 3 slightly used marinara sauce Interested! Is this still available? Do have more | Cooler and grill combos MESSAGE $30 O02915 Leave this high class piece or art work by favorite spot yard and are all set! Cooler last hours and grill is safe set and

Weird and Bad Stuff People Tried Selling Online

Hopefully someone is interested.
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Funny weird craigslist posts and marketplace offers | 1991 Lamborghini Aventador Kit car using Honda Accord $4,500 Ask Details Details Driven 300,000 miles KË Automatic transmission Exterior color: White | Free Star Wars Jar Jar Binks Phantom Menace Pizza Box 1999 (Houston) image 1 2 Pizza Hut. STAR WARS EPISODE Jar Jar Binks Hello! This is free 1999 Phantom Menace Pizza Hut box with Jar Jar Binks on have had since 1999 comes smoke-free, pet- free home is absolutely free anyone willing come pic

Bizarre Treasures People Tried Selling Online

Alright some of this is literally garbage.
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weird things people tried selling on craigslist and facebook marketplace | Custom wood gym equipment $500 Listed over week ago Middletown, CT Send seller message Hello, is this still available? | picture some hands don't really know much about The Creation of Adam Michelangelo

Weird Stuff People Tried Selling Online

What a great value.
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Weird things people tried selling on craigslist and online marketplaces |  Treadmill sander 50 image 1 3 This is treadmill used as sander installed 100 grit sanding belt on works great as substitute drum sander or large belt sander used flatten an end grain cutting board | Pealed Cucumbers Filled With Hotdogs $175 Listed over week ago Knoxville, TN Send seller message Hi Gavin, is this still available? Send Message Save Share More Seller Information See Profile

Strange Junk People Tried Selling Online

What a deal!
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Bad real estate photos of creepy and gross houses | pig sleeping in a dirty room | makeshift porch held up by a fridge

Highly Questionable Real Estate Photos

"The hog really ties the room together."
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weird and funny things people tried selling online | Bucket $100 MESSAGE Red bucket comes handy during holiday season, Christmas is over so no longer need Turn this $100 investment into an almost unlimited amount money during holidays SALVATION ARMY | gaming chair brand new

Wild Junk People Tried Selling Online

One person's trash is another person's fancy trash.
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Entitled people and their demands | come drop off still have Back deme Cont address, cheers Alright feel free drop ain't getting shit back and sure as hell not repairing shit Have my address is threat? Suck Today 10:08 AM Hey man bought guitar off last year do remember? my balls maniac right? Yeah do See ya tomo funny boy Summats wrong with neck strings are harder press down Sorry hear man. Maybe take an instrument repair shop or rockshop and let them have look? Bro listen either get repaired or

Entitled People and Their Unreasonable Demands

Imagine the confidence it takes to demand someone else fix a 30 dollar guitar you bought 8 months ago.
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