IT employee has flash drive smashed because of security mix up

Incompetence Turns IT's 15 minute Job Into Paid Time Off

Well, coulda gone worse.
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boss security wtf tech support lol ridiculous dumb idiots laptop stupid - 15904517

Upper Management Gets Laptop Stolen, Doesn't Understand How That's A Security Risk

How does this guy still have a job.
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videographer told by TSA one electronic per tray and he has a lot of electronics

TSA Orders Videographer To Screen Electronics Individually, He Has Dozens

It was a long day at the airport.
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job work interesting morality security retail discussion - 15486725

Security Guard Comes In "Just On Time," Internet Weighs In

This one was a dispute.
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funny security guard tumblr

Tumblr Thread: Security Guard Hilariously Explains Why Heist Movies Don't Make Sense

It's impossible to plan around tactless incompetence.
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funny security fails

Security Measures That Make Us Feel Immeasurably Insecure

Uh, alright if you say so.
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Tumblr thread on wholesome security team who saved office's plants | wafflesrisa Here's something cute lockdown happened UK happened very suddenly. At law firm work at, our office building emptied overnight everyone told work home. No time clear our desks, no time bring office plants home. Fast forward three and half months everyone assumes their plants are dead. But then! An email goes round s turns out one our security guards is florist, and

Wholesome Security Team Saves Office Plants

Plants secured.
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A Chef delivering food to a law firm gets hired and fired to get by the rules of the security guard | r/IDontWorkHerelady Posted by u/Ars-Torok 8 hours ago 4 day hired and fired law firm XXXL Not sure if this one belongs here, but hope enjoy anyway. So this is about five years ago worked as chef at bakery my job make everything but baked goods. Every morning Baker and would walk at about 4 am and knock out all food needed day. This would leave ready go home around 10 AM or so. This put us at

Chef Gets Hired by Law Firm to Foil Security Guard

That's some chaotic good right there.
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Incompetent manager gets called on his BS and quits.

Incompetent Manager Gets Called On His BS, Makes Fool Of Himself and Quits

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security child bag toddler airport amazing TSA airplane - 98608129

Toddler Achieves Our Childhood Dream of Riding Airport Bag Conveyer

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cops scary security news wtf guard intense Video - 98547969

Moronic Security Guard Calls Cops on Sheriff's Deputy Because He Has a Gun

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security farting ridiculous funny Video - 431110

Guy Films Supervisor Firing Him For Best Reason Possible

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Guy uses Nest security camera and Amazon echo to troll his friend crashing at his place in most hilarious way possible.

Guy Tweets Epic Story About Using Nest Security Camera To Troll His Friend To Oblivion

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Guy tries to use a get out of jail free card from monopoly and the cops have the perfect response.

Dude Tries to Escape Arrest Warrant With "Get Out of Jail Free" Card and Cops Have Perfect Response

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ninja security funny Video - 83618049

Security Footage of the Day: Terrible Ninja Caught on Tape Stealing Katana Sword

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Look Out For Hillary Clinton's Cooking Blog to Launch ASAP

funny twitter image email aren't safe only the story section of recipe blogs are
Via @kashanacauley
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